Sometimes your character isn't a planet buster, but they're pretty damn close. There are those characters pretty damn up in the food chain. While being unable to planet bust, or even bust continents, these folks have a power set that either normally or through some amping, enables them to end all life on earth. It's not uncommon for a Life Wiper's own life to be taken in the process of unleashing such attacks.

Such examples are:

- Many Alpha Level Mutants from Marvel Comics

- Anthrax: Can make air pressure to create a massive tornado covering a country sized area which can cause most of the life on the planet to be destroyed.

- Ayanami Rei (Lilith): Can suck everything into a primordial soup and essentially soul fuck people on a planetary level

- BelialVamdemon: Can cover worlds in total darkness (not just nighttime darkness, but darkness itself - negative energy, etc)

- Deathsaurer from Zoids destroyed almost all of its creators, leaving only 3 official survivors.

- Iceman: Can freeze the whole planet at Absolute Zero

- Johnny Storm: Burn off the Earth's atmosphere

- Jenova from Final Fantasy VII which can drain life from any planet that it lands on

- King Ghidorah from the Godzilla movies: Destroyed all life on planet Venus in "Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster"

- Kuja in his Trance form from Final Fantasy IX. Using Ultima, he wiped out everything on the surface of Terra within minutes.

- Lavos, who awakened on 1999 d.c and triggered the apocalypse, spaming energy blasts through all the earth in the span of seconds, destroying almost all life.

- Most Star Wars and Warhammer 40,000 capital ships: Bombard the planet from orbit until the surface is molten slag. 40K also has nasty weapons like virus bombs that can wipe out all life on the surface of a planet

- Professor X: Mind rape every living being with a brain walking on earth (and probably beyond)

- Rokur Gepta: a Force-User who created through Sith magic a technique called the Electromagnetic Torpedo which reduces all life on a planet to its most base levels.

- Several high level Force-Users (most typically Sith Lords) such as Darth Nihilus: Destroys all life (souls and minds) of every living organism, being and creature on entire planets. His voice also causes planetary surfaces to be reduced to mere rubble and debris.

- Satan from Devilman

- Super Skrull: Can create a massively intense form of fire which is comparable to stellar temperatures and will completely overwhelm any normal fire. Using this at maximum potential, he can create a small - scale version of a supernova, which has the potential to ignite the atmosphere and destroy the surface of the Planet.

- Specialized weapons and entities from Star Trek: V'Ger, Protomatter, Metreon Cascade, Thalaron Radiation Projector, Stone of Gol, etc.

- Specialized weapons and entities from Stargate: Goa'uld Bioweapon, Eyes of Ra, etc.

- Several Bionicle characters, such as Toa Ignika, are capable of life wiping.
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