A term originating from Marvel Comics used to describe a specific class of characters in the series. Heralds are often characters that work for Galactus and in Marvel are usually a group of people that scour the universe in search of suitable worlds for Galactus to feed on. If the planet in question supports a sentient civilization, the Herald will often be forced into battle with inhabitants who attempt to drive Galactus away.

The term can also be applied to other fictions for beings in a similar class of power. Typical Herald - level abilities include:

- Able to destroy planets and stars
- Degree of cosmic awareness (ability to perceive the happenings of the universe)
- Usually a good degree of matter/energy manipulation (such as transmutation)
Faster Than Light speed travel
- Some limited level of time travel/manipulation

Examples of Herald - level beings:

- Atomsk from FLCL
- Doctor Manhattan from Watchmen
Dragon Ball characters later on in the series (pre-DBS) are considered to be around low Herald level
- Green Lantern Corps, Maxima, Superman, and many others from DC Comics
- Gold Saints on average, from Saint Seiya
- Griffith and the Godhand from Berserk
- Master Galvatron, Super Starscream, and Tornedron, among other high-end beings from Transformers
- Lucemon from Digimon
- Mata Nui from Bionicle
- Morgoth/Melkor, if only going from a somewhat questionable interpretation, from The Similarion
- Nono from Gunbuster/Diebuster
- Silver Surfer, Fallen One, Stardust, Current Thor, Nova (Frankie Raye), and many others from Marvel Comics
- Uriel, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Porno Diane, and others from Bastard!!

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