Eru Lord of the Rings

Name: Eru Ilúvatar\Illuvatar, Eru, Ilúvatar, The One, Father of All
Origin: Lord of the Rings
Gender: N/A, often referred to as male
Classification: God
Age: Older than creation, unknown/undefined age
Powers and Abilities: Reality warping, non-corporeal, creating life and existence, spatial manipulation, dimensional manipulation, soul manipulation, telepathy, thought manipulation, causality manipulation, can give life to beings and objects, controls life and death and can resurrection other beings and empower them, precognition/omniscience, immortality (type 5), supposedly many others (near omnipotence)
Weaknesses: Rarely takes action, otherwise none
Destructive Capacity: Universe level+
Range: Universal and extending into other dimensions
Speed: N/A (possibly omnipresent)
Durability: At least universe level+, reality warping and non-corporeality make him almost impossible to kill
Strength: N/A (does not have a physical body)
Stamina: Infinite
Standard Equipment: Nothing notable
Intelligence: Apparently somewhat omniscient (unknown if he predicted Melkor's betrayal or not, but it was implied)
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Ainulindalë: The Song of the Ainur, which he sings with his creations in order to create the world/universe

- Spacial/dimensional manipulation: Arda (The Earth) was originally flat, until Eru made it spherical and removed the island of Valinor from it, placing it into another dimension that could only be reached by a special supernatural bridge over the sea

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Other: Another being who is often claimed to be omnipotent (and is obviously based on the Abrahamic God). As is the general policy of the OBD Wiki, we go by feats over claims of omnipotence.