Cosmic Being


Cosmic beings in the OBD are identified as characters who have a vast understanding of the universe, and usually deal with things on a cosmological level, as well as other dimensions or different planes of existence. Their power can vary from anywhere between life wiping and higher. Cosmic beings are usually used to identify characters who are Herald level and above on the Marvel scale, but it can vary greatly depending on the character. For example, Primus from Transformers is a cosmic being but he would usually just be called abstract to specify what type of cosmic he is.

In short, cosmic is the term used to define high-power characters in a very broad sense.

They are usually capable of planetary reality warping, matter/energy manipulation and and can be some of the most intellectual characters in a series due to their vast, otherworldly knowledge.

Examples include:

- Duo from the Mega Man Battle Network series
- Doctor Strange, Silver Surfer and others from Marvel Comics
- Kismet, Phantom Stranger and Superman Prime 1 Million from DC Comics
- The Darkness, Zera and Spawn from Image Comics
- Tenchi Masaki and Z from Tenchi Muyo!
- Dark Schneider from Bastard!!

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