Sure Banner could have created a cure in like five minutes (if he took his time) but why would he want to?

Name: Robert Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk/The Green Scar/The Sakaarson/The Worldbreaker
Origin: Marvel Comics
Gender: Male
Classification: Human Mutate
Age: 30 - 50 years old currently
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, super speed, regeneration (reaching up to mid-godly in some incarnations), durability, multiple personalities which make him highly resistant to psychic and soul-based attacks, mystic senses, his strength, and power are directly proportional to his anger, or, as the old saying goes, "The madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets", can create massive shockwaves with thunderclaps, as Banner he has a genius intellect that can create incredibly advanced technologies, highly resistant to magic - based attacks, immune to nuclear and radiation-based attacks, resistant to transmutation and other such matter manipulation powers, can touch energy as if it were solid and tangible, can punch through time and dimensions if angry enough, can hold his breath for several hours even while fighting in outer space or underwater
Weaknesses: If he is not sufficiently enraged he transforms back to Bruce Banner, with only base human stats (although he has shown the ability to maintain the transformation in varying emotional states). Is still a human being, and thus needs oxygen to survive (he can still bypass this weakness by holding his breath, though). 
Destructive Capacity: Street level+ | At least planet level+, ranges up to solar system level+ (depending on rage, he has contended with low-end to high-end Herald Level threats) | At least solar system level+, likely higher (has easily contended with, if not outright outmatch high-end Herald Level threats)
Range: Average human range | Greater than human melee range due to his size, thunderclaps can reach up to kilometers in every direction, by attacking the ground he can  potentially planetary range
Speed: Average human | At least massively hypersonic+ in movement speed (has overtaken jet fighters and ICBMs), starts out at sub-relativistic reactions/combat speed, but can reach Massively FTL+ reactions/combat speed (has occasionally intercept Thor) | At least sub-relativistic movement speed, massively FTL+ reactions/combat speed (capable of keeping up with The Sentry)
Durability: Average human | At least planet level+, ranges up to solar system level+ (His regeneration makes him very difficult to kill since his healing factor can bring him back from greater forces) | At least solar system level+, likely higher
Lifting Strength: Average human | Starts out around Class Y+, ranges up to Stellar Class with rage (has overpowered planet to star-like masses) | At least Stellar
Striking Strength: Average human | Starts out around at least Class XJ+, ranges up to Class XPJ+ | At least Class XPJ+, likely higher (can muscle out Sentry)
Stamina: Average human | As long as he remains angry it is virtually limitless
Standard Equipment: The ubiquitous invincible purple pants
Intelligence: As Hulk, most incarnations are not very bright, but capable of surprisingly clever battle tactics. World War Hulk has adult human - level intelligence and is even more clever in battle. As Banner, he is one of the most brilliant scientists on Marvel earth, rivaling the likes of Tony Stark and Reed Richards. Banner is recognized as THE premier expert on radiation, a fact even acknowledged by Dr. Doom and Reed Richards. Claimed to be one of the eight smartest people on Earth.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Bedrock rush: He digs his fingers into the ground, and as if he were about to lay out a bed-sheet, pulls a sheet of rock from beneath the opponent's feet. He shakes it rapidly to make them lose their footing. The enemy often falls into deep ditches followed or has boulders land on them as a side effect.

- Thunderclap: See the article on it. Hulk smacks his hands together so hard it produces a deafening shockwave capable of leveling forests and buildings and has even compared to a nuke. In some issues, its loudness has been compared to a sonic boom or a hurricane.

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Other: It should be noted that there are many versions of Hulk, this profile covers mainly the current 616 comics version.

Key: Bruce Banner | Savage Hulk | Green Scar/Worldbreaker Hulk

Bruce Banner, Hulk's alter-ego


World Breaker Hulk, his most powerful form