You know who he is

Name: Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark, Iron Man
Origin: Marvel Comics
Gender: Male
Classification: Enhanced human technopath; Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist
Age: 35
Powers and Abilities: Has the extremis virus, which gives him technopathy (he can hack into electronic systems all over the world) including the ability to interface with and control completely alien machinery, above peak human physical stats including supersonic reaction time, regeneration (mid-low) a layer of armor is kept in nanotech form under his skin and can be summoned at will, he can control his armor and weapons with his thoughts, expertise in many forms of armed and unarmed combat, genius - level intellect, wears various armors
Weaknesses: At various points, his chest reactor has been tied to his heart, so overusing its power could cause him to have a heart attack
Destructive Capacity: Varies depending on armor, usually at least country level+ (headbutted through a tossed island using a suit far inferior to his modern ones, can contend with the likes of She-Hulk), some armors go to planet level+ (can contend with The Thing and The Hulk | Solar system level (contends with the The Hulk and Thor)
Range: Depends on what weapons he is using, many of them have ranges of multiple kilometers or can extend into space
Speed: Depends on the armor, for many relativistic+ for movement and reactions, some have drives allowing MFTL speeds that only applies for pure travel speed | Massively FTL+
Durability: Depends on the armor, usually at least country level+ for his weakest models (survived smashing through Terrax's thrown island without much damage), stronger models are planet level+ (can contend with The Thing and She-Hulk), higher with energy absorption | Solar system level (can contend with The Hulk and Thor)
Lifting Strength: At least Class G+ | Stellar Class+
Striking Strength: At least Class ZJ+ for weaker models, up to Class XJ+ for stronger models (knocked out She-Hulk with a single punch) | Class XPJ+ (can match the Hulk and Thor)
Stamina: Above peak human, his armor can keep fighting until it runs out of power (with Extremis, this means practically never)
Standard Equipment: Various armors, there are many that he uses but they generally share the traits of: Being controlled by his extremis powers, being remotely summoned by him, strength, durability, and speed enhancing, flight (including reaching escape velocity and flight in space) computer databases and hacking capabilities, advanced sensors that can detect many forms of energy (even magic), forcefield creation, ability to draw energy from any source on earth using the extremis powers, electronic countermeasures, resistance to acid, electricity, radiation, heat, cold, and many different types of energy, sealed against nanotech attacks, equipped with weapons such as lasers, repulsor beams, missiles, and various blades, saws, and drills, - repair systems, ability to function underwater, teleportation, energy absorption/manipulation, resistance to magnetic manipulation, telepathy blockers etc.. Some non-standard features present in some armors include: Resistance to absolute zero attacks, black hole weapons, nuclear weapons, nanotech weapons, time travel/manipulation devices, sapient artificial intelligence, invisibility/illusion creating devices, stealth construction, nano-manipulators, the ability to traverse dimensions, control of magnetism, sonic weapons, plasma weapons that gain energy the farther they, electric shock/lightning weapons, self - destruct devices, EMP generators, machineguns/cannons, energy blades, flamethrowers, he also has various armors he can control remotely (with FTL comms, allowing for almost no lag in reaction), independent remote - controlled flying combat drones, ability to operate in higher gravity, ability to create tsunamis, tunnel underground at great speed, antarctic vibranium (anti-metal) weapons, and other devices. Has the Reality Gem, but will pretty much never use it.
Intelligence: Super genius - level intellect, designed and built all of the devices and armors listed in this profile, possesses multiple Ph.D.s in many subjects, world - renowned businessman, expert in martial arts, excellent battle tactician and strategist, he can process much more information at a much faster rate than a normal human due to the Extremis enhancements, decades of combat experience against nearly every conceivable type of enemy
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Repulsors: These are particle beam weapons mounted in his armor (usually on the palms of his hands) that move at potentially relativistic speeds and can penetrate powerful alloys and do large scale damage with great accuracy

- Lasers: Just like it says, these are laser beams at the speed of light

- Energy Absorption: Tony's armor can absorb energy, both ambient energy (such as heat in an area), directed energy (such as energy beams), explosions, and even energy beings like Living Laser. This energy can then be used to power the suit or be released as a weapon.

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Key: Current Standard Armor (Bleeding Edge) | Hulk/Thor-buster

Other: It should be emphasized that no one armor contains all of the features listed in this profile, if Tony is in a match and given prep then it should generally be assumed that he will bring the armor most suited for the opponent.

Also, this profile only covers the 616 Marvel Comics version of Iron Man, pre-Secret Invasion.