OBD term for a person who's power is limited to that of a human. Peak humans are people who have trained their body and skills to the max level of power possible by their race. Examples include Bruce Lee. (although some people disagree about him).

In real life, the peak of human achievement in a particular area may hinder success in another, especially since an increase in strength means an increase in muscle mass and weight. For example, Usain Bolt is not the world's strongest man, but neither can the world's strongest man run 100 meters in under 10 seconds. Usain Bolt has peak human speed, but is not a peak human in total. In this sense, no real world human could be considered truly peak human.

However, when applied to comic books we can easily see characters that inexplicably match the greatest strength and speed feats of humans (such as Batman). These properties in conjunction would be considered Superhuman in real life. In the OBD, these can often be qualified as "Comic Book Peak Human".

Note: LordGenome is NOT a peak human.