Brock Lesnar OBD
Here comes the pain


Name: Brock Lesnar
Origin: WWE, UFC
Gender: Male
Classification: The Next Big Thing, War Machine, Ass Kicker, The Beast, The Piss God, Bork Lazer, Brock Lobster
Age: 41
Powers and Abilities: Very strong and skilled wrestler, super speed and durability, immortality (type 4), reality warping, probability manipulation, regeneration (at least low-godly), resistance to mind manipulation | Energy blasts, forcefield, complete immunity to mind manipulation, berserker mode makes all his attacks far more lethal
Weaknesses: Diverticulitis, amount of money he's offered by the WWE
Destructive Capacity: Town level+ | At least galaxy level+
Range: WWE level | Universal
Speed: F5 at the speed of light | Massively FTL
Durability: He is a tank and can also fight after getting punched by professional UFC fighters | At least galaxy level+
Strength: He can deadlift 720 pounds, squat 695 and bench press 475, he was 19 at the time probably more during his prime, Kurt angle claimed he could bench 600 while in the WWE, able to F5 even wrestlers like Mark Henry and Big Show | Much stronger
Stamina: At least Superstar level
Standard Equipment: Paul Heyman
Intelligence: Smart fighter, very good at adapting to his opponent's fighting style
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Definitely not F5. :uvalaugh (for bonus points, he may go SNK Boss and just do it at the beginning of the match)

Eat, Sleep, SUPLEX, Repeat/Suplex City: Dominates whatever poor soul decided to be his opponent with sixteen suplexes (with fifteen of them usually being Germans)

Notable OBD Victories:

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- WrestleMania Undertaker (WWE) - Undertaker Profile

Notable OBD Losses:


He came back to F5 everyone who will stand on his way.

Broly Lesnar
Broly Lesnar


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