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Name: The Sentry/Robert Reynolds/The Void
Origin: Marvel Comics
Gender: Male
Classification: Human enhanced by chemical serum (a much more powerful version of the one used on Captain America)
Age: In his 30s or 40s
Powers and Abilities: Through psionic and molecular manipulation has super strength, speed, durability and senses (could hear someone calling him on the other side of the Earth and perceive people's auras and other energies), flight, can survive in space, doesn't need sleep, air, food or water, immunity to virus, telepathy (see Other for feats), telekinesis (his mind holds his physical powers together), energy manipulation (like drawing on ambient energy, calming the savage Hulk with his aura and sometimes displaying energy physiology), forcefields, constructs, energy projection and omnidirectional attacks, elemental manipulation and weather manipulation, thunderclaps, dimensional travel, invisibility, intangibility, shapeshifting, transmutation (see Other for matter manipulation feats), can devour souls, can empower others, regeneration (low-godly), immortality (types 1, 3 and 4), his body's atoms are an instant ahead of the current timeline (and their nature was unknown to Molecule Man relative to all the molecules he had experienced)
Weaknesses: He's mentally unstable and a relapsing drug addict, prone to be manipulated by the cunning w/knowledge of him (like hacking CLOC to overwhelm and deceive him with false disaster information, which gave him a guilt trip and freaked him out into inaction for hours). He becomes weaker if his mental state wavers/loses confidence (similar to Gladiator, the Void persona tends to be more confident), dumping him in the Negative Zone (a dimension where all matter is negatively charged) massively depowers the Sentry (not the Void persona, it's unknown if this still affects him), he lacks the experience and finesse with his powers that Molecule Man has
Destructive Capacity: Galaxy level+, likely higher (briefly contained a Cosmic Cube; overloaded Absorbing Man, who could absorb Cosmic Cubes and a portion of Odin’s power; harmed Cosmic Cube-powered Absorbing Man; defeated Molecule Man after a long fight; said several times to have fought Galactus to a standstill; fought a holding back Photon Genis-Vell briefly; matched Blue Marvel; became the conduit for Doctor Strange’s newfound power after absorbing the World Tree’s power which holds endless universes in it) | At least galaxy level+, likely higher (stated several times by Doctor Strange that he will end the universe; should be no weaker than his base form) | Universal+ (stated several times by Doctor Strange that he will end the universe; should be no weaker than his base form, rivaled his base form on numerous occasions; overpowered Sorcerer Supreme Loki, someone that could warp Asgard and its inhabitants like Hela, Odin , Beta Ray Bill, etc. into a bubble, and God of Magic Strange who is empowered by the World Tree) | Universal+ (stopped the Celestial Exitar by pushing him away from the Earth; implied to be powered by the White Hot Room) | Possibly multiversal
Range: Melee range (human form, w/shapeshifting can extend himself for hundreds of kilometers), Solar System+ w/telepathy and energy attacks, potentially universal w/direct molecule manipulation | Omniversal via sensing (could sense The Void and Exitar's energy in the White Hot Room)
Speed: Massively FTL+ (often shown flying at many times the speed of light, crossing interstellar distances and fighting Herald level characters)
Durability: Galaxy level+, likely higher |  At least galaxy level+, likely higher | Universal+ (tanked attacks from god of magic Strange and sorcerer supreme Loki) | At least multi galaxy level+ | Possibly multiversal
Stamina: Likely limitless (before realizing the nature of his powers and when not unleashing his full power he only lost his superpowered state after an extended brawl against World War Hulk while also expending enough energy for Hulk to reverse into his human Bruce Banner form despite his anger, the current Sentry can keep fighting with no power loss even after having his body destroyed multiple times)
Standard Equipment: CLOC sentient computer system that feeds him information from all over the world and prioritizes what emergencies he should handle
Intelligence: Technological genius (the Sentry helped to design his Watchtower along with Reed Richards and built a robotic dog stronger than the Thing and Wendigo, the Void built or created his own twisted parody of the Watchtower and CLOC, including drones capable of hurting the Sentry) and mentor to heroes in the past, but can be impaired by his psychoses and insecurities
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Sun dumping: Sentry grabs and throws his enemy into the Sun

- The Void: A cosmic monster created by Robert Reynolds with his molecular powers after he drank the Sentry serum, to embody the negative parts of him that he can't control and were accentuated by the serum. In the past he materialized on his own as a separate entity that balanced the Sentry's heroics with evil, or was directly created when Reynolds believed him to be around. He lost power and faded when Reynolds willed it after achieving mental stability and dominion of himself or when Sentry mindwiped himself and everybody else after the Void was becoming too independent and powerful, also being defeated by Sentry when their balance was broken (after the Void killed more people than the Sentry saved). But the Void always returned on his own as long as Sentry existed, in fact every seen incarnation of the character has displayed varying degrees of the Void in order to be able to act against his enemies even when performing heroics. During the events of Secret Invasion the Sentry and the Void personas merged again, with the Void starting to assert dominance throughout the events of Dark Reign (especially manifesting after Sentry suffered mental trauma or severe physical damage), culminating with the Void getting released during the events of Siege. It was also lately shown that the Void and the Sentry's power is the Judeo-Christian God, or that Robert Reynolds became empowered by an equivalent force

- Infinitendrils: Black tendrils he can sprout from his body or from dark clouds he creates with his molecular powers. They can attack physically, make stuff explode on contact or phase into people to take control of their minds, inflict traumatic visions of their past, present and future or eat their souls

- Telepathy feats include:

  • Shielding his mind from Absorbing Man's powers
  • Mentally terrorizing the Super Adaptoid with the Void when she tried to copy his powers
  • Repeatedly mindwiping Earth and beyond for years (including people like Professor X and Dr. Doom) of any memory and knowledge of himself, unlocking these memories globally or to select individuals (including implanting many of his memories into a comic book writer's mind)
  • Mentally torturing the Hulk
  • Breaking free from Dr. Strange's black magic illusions
  • Forcing Emma Frost and Professor X (both Omega-level mutants) to work together in order to reach and influence his subconscious (Robert Reynolds) for a split second (through Emma's prior experience and work with him) while Sentry was distracted, the Void then overwhelming and compromising Emma's telepathy with just a remaining psionic sliver of himself

- Matter manipulation feats include:

- The Sentry's true power being stated to be anywhere from a thousand to a million exploding suns is only a Silver Age hyperbole character tag (similar to Superman being called the Man of Steel), outdated and not indicative of a particular limit or mechanism to his powerset, since it was in use when his powers were mostly assumed to be Sun-based.

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