Son of Odin, god of thunder, who commands the lightning and the storm! I am THOR!

Name: Thor Odinson (Title: Prince of Asgard, later King of Asgard) His mortal half is named Donald Blake
Origin: Marvel Comics
Gender: Male
Classification: Asgardian God of Thunder, Prince, Avenger, Medical Doctor (as Donald Blake)
Age: Several thousand years old (older according to some sources)
Powers and Abilities: Super speed, strength, durability, enhanced senses, capable of projecting lightning, terrakinesis, immunity to mortal diseases, immortality (type 1), skilled warrior, incredible stamina that allows him to fight for weeks on end, levitation, can travel between dimensions and universes, astral projection, can exit the space-time continuum at will, wields Mjolnir which gives him many powers (see Standard Equipment), resistant to time/space/dimensional manipulation, can detect magic and sorcery
Weaknesses: Has not fully mastered the Odinforce, sometimes does not use the most effective strategy in combat. At one point would revert to Don Blake if separated from Mjolnir for more than 60 seconds, but later lost this weakness
Destructive Capacity: Solar system level+/galaxy level+ (has fought the likes  of Silver Surfer, Gladiator, Beta Ray Bill, etc,in one of his fight with Mar-Vell, he managed to handle a suicidal Mar-Vell who had absorbed a star that Thanos modified into destroying the universe) | Multiverse level (inherited the powers of Odin) | Multiverse level (far exceeded Odin in power; destroyed the world tree which holds many universes inside of it, banished those who sit above in shadow who were merged with the universe; merged with the universe himself and implied to have replaced Eternity briefly)
Range: Galactic (Mjolnir has crossed galaxies on a few occasions), also interdimensional
Speed: MFTL+
Durability: Solar system level+/galaxy level+ | Multiverse level | Multiverse level+ (those who sit above in shadow could not harm him whatsoever)
Lifting Strength: At least stellar (stronger than The Hulk)
Striking Strength: Class XPJ+, potentially Universe Class
Stamina: Massively superhuman (can fight for months on end)
Standard Equipment: Mjolnir. He also has the Belt of Strength, which doubles his strength and can be affixed to Mjolnir for an incredibly powerful attack (but the one time this was tried, the strain proved too much for Mjolnir and the hammer broke)
Intelligence: His mortal form has a college degree and is a medical doctor, he has mastered many forms of hand - to - hand combat and the use of many different types of weapons, millenia of battle experience against all manner of enemies
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Terrakinesis: On very rare occasions, that are due to mostly personal preference, Thor can appeal to his mother's side of his powers and manipulate the earth. This allows for opening of country long fissures or even manipulation of the ground beneath Mephisto's throne room itself.

- Godblast: Thor's most powerful attack, it fires a blast of concentrated godly essence/energy from Mjolnir that far exceed's Thor's normal, already star system busting capabilities. This attack can also kill immortal beings.

- Warrior Madness: This is a berserker - like state which Thor can enter into, it increases his strength by 10 times and makes him effectively bloodlusted.

- Anti-Force: He uses Mjolnir to fire a blast of exotic energy similar to antimatter that can down incredibly powerful foes with a single hit.

- Weather Manipulation: Can create, control, and disperse thunderstorms and other weather patterns on a planetary (and sometimes beyond) scale, as well as concentrating all of their power into individual attacks

- Transmutation: Mjolnir can magically alter the properties of matter, transmuting materials or opponents

- Hammer Throw: Throws Mjolnir at an opponent, he can control its course in mid-flight and it will always return to him

- Energy Absorption/Magnification: Using Mjolnir, he can absorb nearly any type of energy, including the energy of enemy attacks, and redirect it, as well as magnify it 10 or 100 times and send it back at the source. He can also resist having his own energy being absorbed.

- Mjolnir deflection: Spins Mjolnir at super speed (often faster than light) to create a nearly-solid circle that can deflect most types of attacks, even those moving at lightspeed or faster

- Dimensional Vortex: He can use Mjolnir to create an opening to another place in time or space, or another dimension/universe entirely, and send either himself or others through it

- Anti-Magic Vortex: Mjolnir flies around a target or area and creates a vortex that can cut off external magical influences, break spells/curses, or nullify the magical powers of those caught inside it (it also has the ability to cut off or nullify various non-magical energies and powers)

- Time Manipulation: Thor used to be able to use Mjolnir to freely travel through time, but later lost that ability. He has demonstrated other abilities, like locally freezing time and countering time acceleration/deceleration

- Mjolnir Tracking: Mjolnir can be used to track and locate magical and other energy sources

- Mjolnir Enchantment: Only Thor or those who fit the nebulous criteria of being 'worthy' can lift Mjolnir, otherwise it is magically immovable. This can be circumvented if it is lifted by a non-living object or lifted in zero gravity, or if the one lifting it is more powerful than Odin (although in the former two situations they still won't be able to access its powers, and in the latter the hammer would be superfluous anyway). Thor can summon Mjolnir from anywhere in time or space, and it can cross most dimensional barriers to reach him

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Other: There are many versions of Thor, this profile only covers the 616 Marvel Comics version.

Key: Base | Warrior Madness | God Blast | Odin Force | Rune King Thor

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