The most feared being in the Marvel Universe


Name: Galactus, originally Galan of Taa
Origin: Marvel Comics
Gender: As Galan, male. Usually appears male. Otherwise, N/A
Classification: Formerly alien (Taan) explorer. Currently Cosmic Being, planet eater
Age: 20+ billion years (older than the current universe)
Powers and abilities: Massive cosmic energy manipulation, reality warping, capable of projecting, manipulating, and absorbing nearly any kind of energy, as well as entire dimensions and universes, can change size at will (is pure energy in his true form), super speed, super durability, can empower other beings to become Heralds (and strip their power if necessary), can bind beings to certain planets or areas, cosmic senses, highly resistant to telepathy and psychic attacks, can teleport himself and others, can affect souls, regeneration, non-corporeal, possesses vast telepathic powers including telepathic attacks, transmutation, can summon other beings, the Ultimate Nullifier (which is a multiverse-destroying weapon) is bound to his essence and he can summon it to himself at will
Weaknesses: Galactus needs to feed on planets to sustain himself, if he goes for more than a month without eating a planet he will grow weak, and if he still does not devour any planets he will eventually die. Also he tends to ignore weaker beings so it's possible to surprise him by setting something up while being beneath his notice
Destructive Capacity: Multiverse level+ (well fed Galactus can defeat groups of Celestial level beings; shown to be on par with Abstract beings at full power; nearly destroyed the multiverse when it entered the Ultimate universe; threatened to destroy the multiverse from fighting with Scrier and The Other at full power which Oblivion noted would far surpass the Chaos War; held out the longest against the Galactus Engine in the Cancerverse; destroyed other universes and timelines in his fight with a non-serious Agamotto; exchanged blows with the Chaos King while hungry; tore open the fabric of the Ultimate universe which spread to the rest of the multiverse; often operates at lesser levels due to hunger) | Omniverse level (destroyed and recreated Multi-Eternity and Multi-Infinity in an instant; erased Abraxas from existence; erased the Black Celestial Arc Galactus which threatened to devour the entire Omniverse; sends things to Oblivion’s realm which exists in the Overspace outside the multiverse; can destroy almost any cosmic being or conceptual force within the multiverse) | Omniverse level (merged himself with the Sixth Cosmos fully; fought against First Firmament who was the original Omniverse; equal in power to Multi-Eternity and Multi-Infinity)
Range: Multiversal+ (can enter into any universe, timeline and dimension, even ones as small as the Microverse, at will; tore open the fabric of the Ultimate universe which spread to the rest of the multiverse) | Omniversal (destroyed and recreated Multi-Eternity and Multi-Infinity who embody the Omniverse in an instant; can send things into Oblivion's realm in Overspace which exist outside the Omniverse) | Omniversal (an Omniverse bonded to Galactus; able to traverse and exit the Omniverse at will)
Speed: Massively FTL+ (can cross the universe in a matter of days or less; able to fight with the likes of Odin and Thanos), Immeasurable when fully fed (able to react to Agamotto, Chaos King and other cosmic entities; should be equal to Eternity who he merged with from his previous universe) | Irrelevant (merged with an Omniverse which includes dimensions beyond all space and time; able to react to the First Firmament)
Durability: Multiverse level via powerscaling (Survived the destruction of the old universe just fine, and him being a non-corporeal being makes him very hard to kill) | Omniversal
Lifting Strength: Immeasurable | Immeasurable
Striking Strength: Immeasurable | Immeasurable
Stamina: Extremely high | Omniscent on an Omniversal scale
Standard Equipment: The Ultimate Nullifier, which can destroy universes, multiverses, cosmic beings, and concepts. His various starships and armor which help him conserve his power, and his elemental converters which allow him to devour planets more efficiently
Intelligence: Cosmic wisdom, knows nearly everything about the universe and the races in it, easily capable of building incredibly that can turn a normal human into a godlike being just as a side - effect of coming in contact with it, often attends councils of cosmic beings to decide universal/multiversal matters, billions of years of experience fighting virtually every conceivable type of enemy | Omniversal
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Planetary consumption: When Galactus finds a planet with the proper energies for him to feed on, he uses his elemental converter (which makes the process more efficient) and absorbs the energy from the planet, usually killing all life on the surface and causing the planet to explode, while giving him massive amounts of power.

- Dimension consumption: He uses his power to absorb space and dimensions. Apparently this is not as efficient as eating planets, since he doesn't rely on this as a source of energy.

- Summoning: Can summon "cosmic demons", which were powerful enough to cause the Asgardians trouble.

- Ultimate Nullifier: Galactus can use the UN to destroy nearly anything, and he is a master of its use, so (unlike most lesser beings), he does not destroy himself as well when using it. When it is not currently in his possession, he can summon it to himself at will. It can still be used against him, however.

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Key: Base | Ultimate Nullifier | Lifebringer

Recovering Addict
Galactus finally went to rehab