Mikaboshi OBD
Amatsu-Mikaboshi with a potential Tkye Bomb


Name: Amatsu-Mikaboshi (August Star of Heaven), Mikaboshi, Ama-no-kagaseo (Brilliant Male), Alexander Aaron (the kid in the picture above, Mikaboshi impersonated him briefly), The Chaos King
Origin: Marvel Comics
Gender: Is usually referenced as male, though frequently appears in the form of a female.
Classification: Japanese god/Primordial being existing before the universe/aspect of Oblivion
Age: Billions of years old (older than the universe itself)
Powers and Abilities: Super strength (Said to be a match for Zeus, who is himself second only to Hercules), speed, durability, healing abilities and immortality, extremely high command of Japanese dark magic (strong enough to defeat Zeus, a Skyfather level god). The ability to alter his form and shape, which he uses most often to appear as a female (because he believes this makes him seem weak, and therefore cause enemies to assume he is not a threat), he can reshape his limbs into razor-sharp blades, and assume the form of a fire-breathing serpent. Also possesses powers of flight, teleportation, the projection of mystical energy as force force blasts, invisibility, unspecified levels of matter manipulation and image projection. Can create "shadow copies" of himself capable of avoiding detection by high-level dark magical entities. He can control numerous minor demons and animate & manipulate corpses en masse at will. Has the ability to capture and detain the souls of recently deceased human beings, though he does not have jurisdiction over all of humanity's deceased and it is not known what the prerequisite conditions are for him to have jurisdiction in the first place (update: he now can control the souls of all dead beings, even gods, as he defeated Death herself), can cross dimensions, can destroy, control, and corrupt minds, reality warping (killed Nightmare, a powerful reality warper, in his own dimension), capable of absorbing the power of beings he defeats (with Nightmare's power he can manipulate dreams and put people into permanent comas), can absorb dimensions, is actually capable of absorbing anything he destroys, can grant power to other beings
Weaknesses: None notable, but he has been shown to be harmed by the Grass Cutting sword, even if the wielder is much weaker than him (seen when Alexander used it against him). Can lose track of things he absorbs in his own vastness. The more powerful he becomes the more difficult it is for him to think, as he is the personification of chaos and keeping his mind in order becomes more difficult.
Destructive Capacity: Multiverse level
Range: Multiverse level
Speed: Massively FTL (enslaved and conquered gods all over the universe in only a few years)
Durability: Multiversal, nearly impossible to kill as he is on par with abstract beings
Strength: 100+ tons
Stamina: Massively superhuman (exact levels unknown).
Standard Equipment: Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi (Grass Cutting sword)
Intelligence: High command of magic, able to control and organize an army strong enough to defeat the Olympian pantheon, conquered many pantheons of gods throughout the universe and masterminded the Chaos War. Presumably some skill with weapons.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Notable OBD Victories:

- Dragon Ballverse (Dragon Ball)
- Narutoverse (Naruto)
- Dragon Ball Superverse (Dragon Ball) - He was partnered with the Beyonders and the Marquis of Death, but it was agreed that he could solo.

Notable OBD Losses:


His True Form.
His True Form.