Multiversal Troll

Name: Sir James "Mad Jim" Jaspers
Origin: Marvel Comics
Gender: Male
Classification: Human Mutant
Age: Unknown
Powers and abilities: Massive cosmic energy manipulation, reality warping, shapeshifting (includes changing his size), transmutation (can restructure matter and energy on an enormous scale), telepathy, teleportation (can travel across the Omniverse in a matter of days), illusion creation, telekinesis, space manipulation and several others
Weaknesses: Cannot use his powers in a void where no reality exists
Destructive Capacity: Multiverse level+ (he is also an Omniversal threat if is left unchecked)
Range: The Jaspers Warp was threatening to spread across the omniverse
Speed: Movement speed is above peak human, reaction/attack speed is MFTL (exact level unknown)
Durability: At least universe level+ (Has survived Scarlet Witch's Chaos Wave and would be immune to the Celestial Nullifier)
Strength: Class 100
Stamina: No known limit (likely infinite)
Standard Equipment: He appears to wear a different hat in each panel
Intelligence: Before going insane, was a prominent politician and was elected British Prime Minister. Leader of the Crazy Gang of Earth-616. Has the knowledge of many Universes
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Since he is a very powerful reality warper, he can change reality with a thought with virtually limitless ability letting him to do just about anything that he wants.

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Their are different versions of Mad Jim Jaspers but this profile deals with the Earth-616 version