The Molecule Master

Name: Molecule Man/Owen Reece
Origin: Marvel Comics
Gender: Male
Classification: Human enhanced by cosmic power
Age: Likely in his 40s or 50s
Powers and Abilities: Super speed, flight, massive multiversal-scale reality warping, telepathy, elemental manipulation, can create actual beings or elaborate likenesses, matter manipulation (can manipulate all forms of matter on a subatomic level), teleportation, telekinesis, energy manipulation, can create forcefields, can create matter, quantum awareness/manipulation, can also open hyperspace portals allowing him to travel at speeds much faster than light, dimension/universe creation/destruction, time travel, and several others
Weaknesses: Subconsciously imposed mental blocks on himself to prevent his using his powers to the full potential (later lifted by Doctor Doom)
Destructive Capacity: Megaverse level+, likely higher (he is within the power tier of the likes of Pre-Recton Beyonder, they have also fought and were ''equals' for the most part, both were above the Living Tribunal's M-bodies)
Range: Presumably infinite
Speed: able to fight against the likes of Pre-Retcon Beyonder and is also somewhat omnipresent
Durability: Megaverse level+
Strength: Human (is physically below average human being with no athletic abilities or fighting skills)
Stamina: Practically limitless
Standard Equipment: A steel rod as a prop to help him focus his powers.
Intelligence: Used to be a lowly laboratory technician working at a nuclear plant owned by the Acme Atomics Corporation, and is capable of outsmarting cosmic beings, intimate knowledge of the Multiverse. Supergenius - level intellect, he can manipulate complex pieces of technology with ease, can make a rod that can affect the molecules of organic matter, and create devices that irradiate him with the energy that infuses a Cube Being.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Molecular Manipulation: Molecule Man possesses the ability to mentally control, transform, and manipulate the molecules of all matter and energy. He can change in the arrangement of molecules in a quantity of matter, it remains in its new configuration until he consciously changes it back. Is able even to affect the molecules of matter with mystical properties such as the Mjolnir and matter fashioned by vast cosmic power such as The Silver Surfer's surfboard, and matter composed of the most impervious materials devised by humans like Captain America's Shield. His molecular Manipulation powers came from the same power source as the Cosmic Cubes and can allow him to effortlessly restore the multiverse.

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This profile only covers the Marvel Comics 616 version of Molecule Man as he was before he was retconned