.The Small Fry Platoon


Background Information

In a world where people possessing magic are going extinct and armaments are at the peak, the seat that was taken from the sword by magic, is handed over to guns and the one cracking down on remaining magical threats is the 『Inquisition』. Kusanagi Takeru despite being unable to use guns, and fights with only a sword, is attending Inquisition's training institution known as 『AntiMagic Academy』. The 35th Test Platoon aka 『Small Fry Platoon』 led by Takeru is a mishmash of underachievers. However, one day a handgun-using super elite qualified to join Dullahan, Ootori Ouka has been enlisted in their platoon. Takeru who is the captain, goes with Ouka and the others on a mission to recover a Magical Heritage, however——. The revived 『Hero』 is walking on earth, will he be sent back by the girl's gun? Or maybe by the boy's sword?! A school action fantasy awaits!

Despite the light summary this series is pretty damn dark, as if almost every victory for the good guys doesn't matter (screw that, ANY VICTORY for the good guys ends with something waaay worse) and every leader of something is a massive psycopath or a total extremist sociopath.


Standing in the Battledome



Character Profiles (Work in Progress!)


Small Fry Platoon

- Takeru Kusanagi
- Ouka Ootori
- Usagi Saionji
- Ikaruga Suginami
- Mari Nikaido


Heretic Alliance

- Hoshjiro Nagaru
- Sage
- Mikado Yuzuho



- Sougetsu Ootori
- Hayato Kurogane
- Kagerou Ootori
- Magnolia Scarlet
- Kyoya Kirigaya


Magic Side

- Orochi Kusanagi
- Haunted
- Eliza
- Laugh Maker
- Kanaria



- Kiseki Kusanagi
- Arthur Pendragon (Einherjar)
- Dragon


Weapon Profiles

- Mistilteinn
- Laevateinn
- Gungnir
- Vlad
- Innocentious