Pretty inconspicuous for a multiverse buster
Pretty inconspicuous for a multiverse buster

Name: The Ultimate Nullifier
Origin: Marvel Comics
Type: Handheld device
Powers and Abilities: Capable of completely erasing a target from existence, this can be an individual person, an abstract concept, or even a universe or infinite multiverse. Capable of recreating the target as well. Can retroactively erase targets from the timeline.
Destructive Capacity: Multiverse level+
Wielder(s): Galactus, Reed Richards, Quasar
Material or Element: Unknown technology
Needed Prerequisite for Use: The wielder must have an understanding of the target they are attempting to destroy or they risk erasing themselves as well
Notable Attacks/Techniques or Alternate Forms:


Other: The Ultimate Nullifier is actually a part of Galactus and he can summon it to him at will