THE Flash, bitches


Name: Wallace Rudolph West, The Flash, formerly known as the Kid Flash
Origin: DC Comics
Gender: Male
Classification: Human Speed Force User
Age: Likely 30 - 40
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, agility, durability, intangibility, time travel, dimensional travel, control of kinetic energy, energy manipulation, accelerated healing, can create black holes, can create whirlwinds and wind attacks by moving his arms fast, can process information think at super speed and even out think a futuristic supercomputer, can become invisible, flight, can run in frictionless environments like in space, super speed communication, can form his costume spontaneously, can summon his children to him with a Speed Force connection, can cause people and things to explode by vibrating through them, can use his Speed Force aura to envelop other things besides himself (for example to save someone at super speed without it damaging their body, or to throw a projectile at super speed), can manipulate entropy, at least Barry is capable of absorbing the entire Speed Force and using it to complete restructure time throughout the universe, West mainlines the power from the force itself and cannot be cut off from the source, unlike the other Flashes, can transfer himself and his opponent into the Speed Force (where The Flash gains a large boost in both speed and power)
Weaknesses: Various types of energy can affect him even at super speed, as well as diminish/cut off his connection to the Speed Force, using the Speed Force too much can result in him being permanently trapped in it, cannot alter the kinetic energy of objects that gain their speed from time manipulation
Destructive Capacity: Varies, can range from planet level+ up to potentially solar system level+
Range: Most of his powers are melee based but he can use ranged Speed Force effects a few meters away, up to several kilometers with whirlwinds and such
Speed: Massively FTL+, can amp his speed to undefined levels via kinetic energy absorption - no set limit to how fast he can move, can gain a limited omnipresence
Durability: Superhuman, can be temporally amped up to solar system level+ via the Speed Force, (has survived hits from both Professor Zoom and Doomsday)
Lifting Strength: Athletic human, but it can be raised higher via the Speed Force
Striking Strength: Athletic human, can raise it up to Class XPJ+ via the Speed Force
Stamina: Superhuman+, as long as he maintains his connection to the Speed Force he can continually renew it
Standard Equipment: Nothing notable
Intelligence: He is master of the Speed Force, has many years of experience fighting all kinds of enemies, said to have read the internet, the whole thing (though this would probably result in a mental handicap of some sort)
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Infinite Mass Punch: By accelerating to near lightspeed, he uses the Speed Force to allow the effects of relativity to increase the mass of his body, thus allowing him to hit with an incredibly powerful punch (said to be as powerful as the mass of a white dwarf star)

- Speed Force Dump: After touching his opponent, he can dump, (BFR) them into the dimension of the Speed Force. This was one of the few attacks that were effective against Superboy Prime

- Speed Steal: By touching (or just getting near) an opponent, he can steal all of their kinetic momentum and add it to his own. In addition to slowing the target down, it also immobilizes them indefinitely, making them frozen like a statue

- Vibration Attack: By vibrating his body at a high frequency he can move through solid matter, and if he wishes, cause it to explode on contact.

- Speedforce Cage: Materializes a cage of pure Speedforce energy to contain an opponent. Attempting to physically break out of the cage could lead to the target's molecules being disrupted and severely damaging or killing them.

- Entropy Rift: By using a combination of MFTL speed and time travel, Wally can create a self-sustaining entropy chain reaction that completely annihilates spacetime and could potentially destroy the universe. This is a very, very dangerous and unreliable technique to attempt though, and Wally once died due to trying it.

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Other: Read it and weep, bitches.

With the Rebirth era being now on, most of the DC series slowly go back to their origins, there are combined elements from pre-New 52 and new 52, for plot reasons, for now.

Although this profile is about Wally, most of what is listed here also applies to other Speed Force users, such as Barry, Bart, and Jay (when he had access to the Speed Force). from the good side, Wally is the most skilled Speed Force user, but under Barry though.