She can fly but she also has an invisible plane. Eat your heart out, Superman.

Name: Diana of Themyscira, Diana Prince, Wonder Woman
Origin: DC Comics
Gender: Female
Classification: Amazon warrior, magical construct/golem
Age: Unknown (Possibly in her mid-thirties. DC's continuity makes this particularly difficult to answer)
Powers and Abilities: Super speed, strength, durability, and senses, agility, endurance, flight, regeneration (mid-low), has various magical weapons such as her bracelets, tiara, and lasso, resistance to magic, telepathy, illusions, and minor resistance to reality-warping, can call upon the power of the Godwave, can speak many languages including communication with animals (a form of telepathy), has a limited ability to cast illusions and alter her appearance, can thunderclap, can always discern the truth and knows if someone is lying, can survive in space, mastery of hand to hand and armed combat
Weaknesses: Vulnerable to piercing weapons, she can only use the Godwave for a limited amount of time or she will go insane
Destructive Capacity: Solar system level+ (can fight Power Girl and Superman [numerous instances]), higher with the Godwave (stated to be able to kill Superman if going all-out) | At least large planet level+, likely higher | At least solar system level+
Range: At least one planetary diameter via powerscaling
Speed: Massively FTL+ (superior to Donna Troy, can deflect pieces of the Shattered God, can keep up with Jesse Quick) | Massively FTL+ | Massively FTL+
Durability: Solar system level+ (has taken blows from a bloodlusted Superman), much higher via forcefields | At least large planet level+, likely higher | At least solar system level+
Lifting Strength: Stellar Class+ (has helped move the earth and the moon, lifted the Spectre who is at least as hard to move as a planet) | At least Class Y+, likely higher | At least Stellar Class+
Striking Strength: Class XPJ+ (was considered as a last resort to bring down Superman if he went rogue) | Class XKJ+, likely higher | Class XPJ+
Stamina: Vastly superhuman+
Standard Equipment: Her tiara which is magical and can be thrown as a weapon which is capable of cutting through nearly anything (it could even cut Superman) and it returns to her after she throws it, her bracelets which are also magic and can be used to deflect bullets, lasers, and other weapons, when she crosses her arms in front of herself the bracelets create a forcefield which is nearly impenetrable to attack, her magic lasso which is unbreakable against anything short of high - level reality-warping and can force anyone caught by it to tell the truth, as well as dispel illusions, heal others, restore memories, and protect others from attacks. It can be used as a whip or used to strangle opponents, or even sharpened like a blade that can slice through incredibly durable substances. Some other weapons she occasionally uses but not all the time include the gauntlets of atlas which increase her strength tenfold, a magic suit of armor, and a sword forged by the god Hephaestus which is enchanted to cut anything and can even cut the electrons off of an atom, The Lansinarian Morphing Disk for Woman that becomes her invisible plane and gives her telepathy, mental camouflage 
Intelligence: Mastery of many martial arts and weapons, decades of training and combat experience against nearly every imaginable type of enemy, excellent battle tactician and strategically capable as a general, familiar with various types of advanced technology including but not limited to that used by the Amazons
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Godwave: Via focused prayer and meditation, Diana can channel the power of the Godwave, one of the primordial cosmic forces of the DCU. This gives her a massive boost to all of her stats and covers her in a glowing aura of power. In this state, she has been capable of killing incredibly powerful gods, but it only lasts for a few minutes and if she uses it for too long she will go insane

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Other: WW is a member of the "Trinity", along with Batman and Superman. This Profile only covers the Post-Crisis (pre-reboot) DC Comics version of Wonder Woman.

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