When you cry out in your dreams it is Darkseid that you see!

Name: Darkseid (originally Uxas), alias "Dark Side"
Origin: DC Comics
Gender: Male
Classification: New God
Age: Unknown (likely at least thousands, possibly millions of years old)
Powers and Abilities: Super speed, super strength, flight, teleportation (of himself and others), energy manipulation and projection, matter manipulation, time manipulation, dimensional manipulation, soul manipulation, telepathy (offensive, defensive, and passive), reality-warping (extent depends on incarnation) Immortality (type 4, granted by the Source, also type 1), shapeshifting (includes changing his size), can erase targets from existence and restore them, BFR targets to different time periods or alternate universes/dimensions, telekinesis, cosmic senses (can sense things across dimensions), illusion creation, weather manipulation, can survive in space, resistant to reality-warping, able to grant powers to others and create powerful beings, can create avatars of himself that have most of his powers, sometimes portrayed as being non-corporeal, can resurrect other beings even if their bodies have been completely destroyed
Weaknesses: Radion (a lethal substance to New Gods), often is overconfident and does not use his powers to their full extent (CIS), is fated to be defeated by his son Orion
Destructive Capacity: Universe level+ (easily absorbed Mordru's power, someone stated to be able to destroy entire galaxies. The Sun-Eater, something fairly weak compared to big players in the Pre-Crisis era, is considered a galactic threat and has at one point eaten all the stars in a galaxy) | Multiverse level+ | Multiverse level+
Range: At least universal and cross-dimensional with the Omega Effect
Speed: Massively FTL+ for both movement and reactions, he usually teleports himself or uses Boom Tubes though
Durability: Universe level+ | Multiverse level+ | Multiverse level+
Lifting Strength: Stellar Class+ | Immeasurable | Immeasurable
Striking Strength: Universe Class+ (capable of easily overpowering Pre-Crisis Superman and others of comparable strength) | Immeasurable | Immeasurable
Stamina: Usually shown to have no limit, but can be exhausted by fighting sometimes
Standard Equipment: Nothing notable
Intelligence: Countless millennia of political and battle experience, incredible planner and schemer, has technical knowledge almost on par with Metron, knowledge of martial arts (as shown in his battle with Orion), capable of outsmarting cosmic beings, intimate knowledge of the workings of the multiverse
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Omega Beams/Effect: A power derived from the Source, manifested as beams from his eyes which make sharp-angled turns to follow opponents, they have demonstrated the ability to phase through matter and energy, ignoring everything but their target, with interplanetary and interdimensional range, as well as traveling through time, and completely bypassing most forms of defense. Effects on the target can include simple heat/concussion attacks, transmutation, teleportation to any point in space, time, or dimensions that Darkseid chooses, de-materializing the target's body and encapsulating the target's life force inside of a container which can be restored later, destroying the target and storing its "pattern" in Darkseid's mind, which he can recreate later if he wishes, extracting the target's soul, or removing the target completely from existence. It should also be noted that when fired from the hands it becomes the omega effect and is exponentially more powerful than the omega beams. Because of the raw power of this ability, most writers completely ignore its existence for the sake of simplicity.

- Omega Sanction: A form of the Omega Effect that captures the target's soul and sends it to be tortured in a progressively worse series of realities. Apparently, if Darkseid dies the target will be reincarnated in a random time and place (like when Batman was sent back to the stone age)

- Anti-Life Equation: NON-STANDARD TECHNIQUE - only available to certain versions of Darkseid. This is a mathematical proof that existence is meaningless, and anyone exposed to the equation is forced to obey Darkseid. The only exceptions are extremely powerful cosmic beings, beings who already know the equation, or beings with a certain symbol on them (representative of the Life Equation apparently)

- Soulfire: NON-STANDARD TECHNIQUE - only available to certain versions of Darkseid. By drinking a serum that Desaad had created, Darkseid was able to absorb the souls of all of the slain New Gods and multiply their power many times, allowing him to fight on a multiversal level against an unknown cosmic being (who claimed to be the Source). This power-up was temporary and required special circumstances, however.

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Other: There are many versions of Darkseid in alternate DC media, this profile only covers the main (pre-reboot) DC comics version. Even within that version, however, Darkseid's power and powerset are very inconsistent, so the OP should probably specify which version of Darkseid he or she is using.

Key: Pre-Crisis Avatar | Soulfire | Anti-Life Equation

For the DCAU version, see here

Darkseid is the current OBD Champion and a former Money in the Bank winner