One of Superman's most fearsome foes


Name: Doomsday
Origin: DC Comics
Gender: Male
Classification: Genetically engineered Kryptonian being
Age: Unknown (implied to be possibly thousands of years old)
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, reactive evolution, regeneration (Varies; ranges from High - Mid to Mid - Godly), can absorb and process solar radiation, advance countermeasures, can withstand high temperatures, superhuman stamina, immortality (type 3, implied Type 1 as well), bio-electric aura (similar to that of Kryptonians, capable of bypassing similar auras), can harm intangible beings, and several others | All of the above + flight and the ability to copy (and perhaps remove) the powers of others (the copied powers are significantly stronger than the originals), can hide his presence from advanced scanning devices such as Blue Lantern rings, there are multiple Doomsdays who have copied the powers of various characters such as Steel (his flight, armor, tech, and weapons), the Eradicator (his flight, energy manipulation, projection, and absorption), Cyborg Superman, and Superboy (his flight and tactile telekinesis)
Weaknesses: Overriding instinct to destroy any being with Kryptonian DNA
Destructive Capacity: At least solar system level+ (more than a match for Cyborg Superman and Eradicator, has ''killed'' Superman before)
Range: At least one planetary diameter via powerscaling
Speed: Massively FTL+ (can keep pace with Superman in battle, was once able to tag The Flash)
Durability: At least solar system level+ (his regeneration and reactive evolution make him very difficult to kill, however, he can be K.O.'d or incapacitated by sufficient force)
Lifting Strength: At least Stellar Class+ (can wrestle with Superman and manhandle the JLA)
Striking Strength: At least Class XPJ+ (regularly trades blows with Superman level combatants)
Stamina: Seemingly endless
Standard Equipment: Nothing notable
Intelligence: Was created in the distant past on Krypton, and was created by a scientist named Bertron to make the ultimate life form. At first, he is just a mindless beast but later develops intelligence
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Thunderclap: See the article on it.

- Reactive Evolution: Doomsday is capable of adapting on-the-fly to counter his opponents' powers, such as developing the ability to hurt intangible beings, ranged attacks to hit flying enemies, immunity to sonic attacks, etc. In addition, even if he is killed he can almost always regenerate and come back immune to what killed him the first time.

- Ability Copying: The Doomsday clones are capable of copying the abilities of their opponents just by fighting them. They can use these abilities just as competently or even better than the characters that they copy them from. An example would be one of the clones copying Superboy's tactile telekinesis and being more powerful than his own. It seems the clones can't stack the abilities and have to lose one in order to copy another, but they've easily been able to body shapeshifting, technopathy, energy absorption, telekinesis, and heat vision.

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