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Background Information

A popular ongoing seinen manga written by Kentaro Miura, full of manly badassedness and pure awesomeness.

The main character, Gutts (or Gattsu), is considered to be one of the most badass main characters out there.

Berserk takes place in a setting very similar to medieval Europe. The premise for the series revolves around the interactions of Guts, a mercenary of extreme skill, and Griffith, the leader of a highly successful group of mercenaries named the Band of the Hawk. The story includes themes of camaraderie, isolation, and whether mankind is fundamentally good or evil, showing the best and worst of mankind.

It's a hell of a read, and restores your faith in manga as a medium. Many people argue that it's one of the best if not the best manga ever written.

Sadly, Miura is too focused on idol simulators to keep a consistant schedule so expect long assed delays.


Standing in the Battledome

Being an almost classic dark fantasy setting, by the large view of things Berserk isn't a particularly strong verse.

Fighters with some fame usually have superhuman physical capabilities. Gutts in particular has massively hypersonic speed with building level attack power and durability. There are also magicians and various phantasmal creatures in the hiding, including spirits and other beings that can be only harmed by special means. The most commonly encountered encountered beings are the Apostoles, former humans turned monsters with superior abilities.

The top dogs of the verse are the God Hand, non-corporeal beings residing in the astral realm. Their true extend of abilities are pretty vague but they have shown feats of telepathy, minor reality warping and probability manipulation. Their source, the Idea of Evil also seems to control the destiny of the entire world. That gives the verse a fair amount of hax in battles.

Overcoming the God Hand is the greatest hurdle for one to defeat this verse. Their lack of feats and vagueness surrounding their powers does work against them, though. The God Hand is also a frequent target of wankers, such type of fans love to make various fallacies to inflate the verse's powers. Be on the lookout for that.

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Guts  Serpico  Schierke 




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Conrad Griffith Slan Ubik Void




Ganishka Grunbeld Irvine Rosine Mozgus Locus
Wyald Zodd        




Boscone Idea of Evil, The Skull Knight


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Dragon Slayer
- Sword of Resonance


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