Bulge readying its main cannon
Bulge readying its main cannon

Name: Space Fortress Bulge (Barge in the English dub)
Origin: Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
Type: Space fortress
In use by: OZ/Romefeller Foundation
Powered by: Unknown
Destructive Capacity: At least small country level, possibly country level if Libra is anything to go by
Durability: At least town level+ based on its sheer size
Material: Various types of metals, likely predominantly Titanium alloy
Performance: Unknown for the fortress itself, its Noventa Cannon is at least hypersonic+ and its medium lasers are massively hypersonic
Weaknesses: None notable
Terrain: Space
Needed Prerequisite for Use: A crew to man it and knowledge of how to operate it
Operational Timeframe: At least several weeks

  • 1 x Noventa Cannon
  • 28 x Medium Laser
  • Unknown number of missiles

Weapons Range: At least several kilometers, likely far higher
Special Forms: None
Notable features: Nothing notable
Notable Attacks/Techniques: None notable