Battleship Liba Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
Libra as seen from various angles.

Name: Space Battleship Libra
Origin: Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
Type: Spaceship
In use by: White Fang
Powered by: Unknown
Destructive Capacity: Country level+ (pulverized an island, creating a huge crater and an explosion so large it was easily seen from space)
Durability: At least town level+ based on its sheer size
Material: Unknown, likely a composite of various metals
Performance: Hypersonic+ (capable of journeying from the orbit of the moon to Earth in a few days), its weapons are massively hypersonic
Weaknesses: The main cannon cannot be fired sequentially as it requires a long recharge/repair time (note however that this was a deliberately built-in weakness and can feasibly be fixed with prep)
Terrain: Space
Needed Prerequisite for Use: Knowledge of how to operate it and a crew to man it
Operational Timeframe: Probably at least several weeks
Weaponry: 1 Large Beam Cannon, unknown number of anti-air beam turrets, houses a very large number of mobile dolls along with an advanced control system linked to the ZERO System allowing for precognition
Weapons Range: At least tens of thousands of kilometers (can fire its main weapon at Earth from a good distance out in space)
Special Forms: None
Notable features: Each of the four main wings has its own power system, making them somewhat capable of operating independently
Notable Attacks/Techniques: Nothing notable