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Vertigo is an imprint of DC Comics, focusing on comics for more mature audiences (no, not porn). Founded in 1993, Vertigo comics are usually more gritty and realistic than other DC Comics, featuring uncensored swear words, nudity, drugs, and many controversial subjects.

That is not to say that Vertigo exists only to be offensive, their comics often have incredibly complex plots and characters that have won many awards. This imprint remains one of the best publishing moves DC has ever done.

Notable Vertigo titles include

Most Vertigo titles are completely separate from the main DC Universe, however several, such as Sandman, Lucifer, Hellblazer, The Books of Magic, etc. are connected to the main DCU, although there are some contradictions so you must be careful when bringing up certain feats and status quo changes if they're contradicted by more current and mainstream DC titles.

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Cassidy  God  Jesse Custer  Saint of Killers 




Spider Jerusalem


V for Vendetta





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