Saint of Killers OBD 
Not enough gun.


Name: Saint Of Killers (original name unknown)
Origin: Vertigo Comics (Preacher)
Gender: Male
Classification: Patron Saint of Slaughter and Assassination
Age: 180 years old
Powers and Abilities: Immovable, regeneration, type 4 immortality (granted to him by the Christian God), a heart so cold it froze the flames of Hell, can cross between dimensions
Weaknesses: Can be affected by mind control, though the one who did that was backed by a power greater than God's.
Destructive Capacity: Can kill anybody without fail (even managed to kill the Preacherverse's God while he was away from his throne, although God has little feats without sitting on his throne)
Range: At least several kilometers
Speed: Peak human, though he can evidently draw his guns at superhuman speeds
Durability: At least city level+ (casually shrugged off a nuke, massacred all the angels in Heaven, potentially higher since he could be the equivalent of Death in the Preacherverse)
Lifting Strength: Class 100 (able to move tanks)
Striking Strength: Unknown (can wrestle with the devil and send people flying with his punches)
Stamina: Limitless
Standard Equipment: A pair of walker colt revolvers forged with the steel of the sword of the Angel of Death. They can't miss, misfire, run out of ammo or inflict anything but a fatal wound.
Intelligence: Smart enough to track down anyone.
Notable Attacks/Techniques: None

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