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A series of theatrical works based on the Dragon Ball series, there are 16 films, 4 specials, a Jump Tour Special and an OVA.

All of the films (excluding the specials and OVA) were originally released in Japanese theaters, and despite sharing several events and references from the canon timeline, they just take place in their own continuity and they are non-canon.

Garlic Jr. is the only movie villain to have his own filler Saga in the anime which took place after the Freeza Saga and before the Cell Saga.

A brief summary of the movies:

Movie 1: Dead Zone. Garlic Jr. shows up, beats up Kami and takes over his sanctuary, then beats up Goku and Piccolo until Gohan kicks his ass.

Movie 2: The World's Strongest. Some scientist who preserved his brain in a robot tries to take over Goku's body. Goku kills him with a spirit bomb.

Movie 3: Tree of Might. A Saiya-jin named Turles appears (who looks like Goku) with some henchmen who plant a giant tree that sucks all the energy from the world. Goku kills Turles and blows up the tree with a spirit bomb.

Movie 4: Lord Slug. Some fatass Namek arrives and beats up Goku and the gang, but is eventually defeated by a spirit bomb (noticing a pattern here?)

Movie 5: Cooler's Revenge. Frieza's brother comes to earth and Goku can't go SSJ for most of the movie for some reason, but when he does he easily beats him.

Movie 6: Return of Cooler. Cooler gets saved by some giant robot thing in space, then attacks New Namek, but Goku and Vegeta beat him again.

Movie 7: Super Android 13. Two more of Dr Gero's androids attack the Z-senshi, then after they are defeated they combine into a super android who punches Goku in the balls. Goku then absorbs a spirit bomb and kills him.

Movie 8: The Legendary Super Saiyan. A crazed steroid freak named Broly performs feats that still have people debating about them decades later. Broly also kicks the asses of the Z-senshi but only loses due to a DEM plot device.

Movie 9: Bojack Unbound. Some crazy space pirate and his henchmen interrupt a martial arts tournament but get beaten by Gohan with help from Mr. Satan

Movie 10: Broly Second Coming. Broly survived somehow, crash-lands on earth, is unfrozen, and starts wrecking shit again until he is shot into the Sun and killed by Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Goku who is still dead.

Movie 11: Bio-Broly. Some scientists clone Broly but he turns into a slime monster and gets killed by water.

Movie 12: Fusion Reborn: An evil creature called Janemba is created by a mistake in hell, and Goku and Vegeta have to fuse to beat him. Features popular filler character Pikkon who has to swear and curse as a plot point. Really.

Movie 13; Wrath of the Dragon. Some alien wizard who is an obvious Babidi ripoff tricks the heroes into unleashing a Godzilla - like monster that Goku defeats with an asspulled plot device move. Also features a little alien kid who is an obvious ripoff of Link.

It should also be noted that Goku gets a random powerup/plot device move in practically every movie.

Movie 2: Kaio-ken x500 (he didn't even go that high against Frieza in canon). :lmao

Movie 3: Gathering genki dama energy from a freaking giant alien tree. :lmao

Movie 4: Transforming into a false SSJ state.

Movie 5: The ability to shoot a Kamehameha to the Sun.

Movie 6: The ability to fight while using Shunkan Idou.

Movie 7: The ability to absorb a Genki Dama, as a SSJ1. :lmao

Movie 8: The ability to draw energy from all of his friends and one punch LSSJ Broly in the gut and beat him. Well, all of their attacks before were ineffective and Broly had casually defeated the Z-Fighters. It's also the only movie where Goku received a ferocious beating too. :lmao

Movie 9: The ability to come back from the dead for a split second and punch the main villain of the movie too, in his spirit form. :lmao

Movie 10: The ability to loan power to people on Earth while dead and send the villain flying into the Sun with a fam kamehameha.

Movie 12: The ability to get a fancy new attack while fused with Vegeta.

Movie 13: Exploding Dragon Fist, an attack which can kill an enemy that Ultimate Gohan couldn't beat *cough*wtf*cough*. :lmao

You can see why movie Goku is considered the true PIS king of the Z movies. :lmao


Standing in the Battledome

Almost all the movie villains share the same battle stats from the Z anime [depending on the character and his power though], although, they also got their own star level+ or solar system level feats and FTL+/MFTL+ speed levels exist as well.

Then, there are characters such as Janemba with strong reality warping and other broken powers.


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