Template for creating a character profile:

Picture (A picture of the character. If no picture can be found, write picture unavailable. Official art is to be preferred over fanart)

Name: (Name of the character)
Origin: (Fiction that the character comes from)
Gender: (Gender of the character)
Classification: (Nature of the character. Usually includes species and occupation, for example, human martial artist, or cyborg engineer)
Age: (Age of the character)
Powers and Abilities: (Summary of the character's special powers and abilities)
Weaknesses: (Any weaknesses the character may have)
Destructive Capacity: (Amount of damage the character can cause, usually with a single attack unless otherwise noted. Listed based on real-world scalings, for example building level, city block level, city level, country level, planet level, etc.)
Range: (How far reaching an attack from the character is. Usually given in meters/kilometers/light years. Has some overlap with destructive capacity due to omnidirectional explosive attacks, but is still about how far they can send said attack. Many characters deal more damage than another yet have greater range: see sword vs bow.)
Speed: (Speed of the character. Either measured in actual units, or via ranges like Supersonic, Hypersonic, etc.)
Durability: (The amount of damage the character can survive. Based off the Destructive Capacity scaling.)
Lifting Strength: (Physical strength of the character. Measured from the lowest weights to 100t+ )
Striking Strength:
Stamina: (The amount the character can exert until exhaustion or losing most of their power if known via feats. Include power-ups and special modes.)
Standard Equipment: (Anything the character usually carries with them or uses in battle)
Intelligence: (Intelligence level of the character. Usually listing feats)
Notable Attacks/Techniques: (A sampling of the character's attacks, abilities, or special moves, not necessary to list all of them, but the major/important ones should be covered. Each should be accompanied by a brief description of the technique and what it does)

Notable OBD Victories: (A sampling of OBD threads in which the character was generally acknowledged to be victorious in battle. Includes a link to the threads, a link to the fiction the opposing character was from, and a link to said character's profile, if it exists.)

Notable OBD Losses: (Same as above, except threads the character lost. Generally the maximum limit should be 3 threads each for losses and victories unless there is something particularly notable about any extras)

Other: (Anything else worth noting).

Key: (Optional: Used to separate different transformations and the like), do like so: 1st | 2nd | 3rd | 4th | 5th | 6th | 7th | 8th


Empty version:

Powers and Abilities:
Destructive Capacity:
Lifting Strength:
Striking Strength:

Standard Equipment:
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Notable OBD Victories:

Notable OBD Losses: