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Background Information

D.Gray-Man is a manga and anime series created by Katsura Hoshino. It's about a kid named Allen Walker who has the power to see the Soul locked within some monsters called Akuma. The Akuma are created from humans by the Millenium Earl, a creepy fatass with city-busting powers. Also, Allen and the other exorcists fight the Noahs who work for the Earl, and are known to have broken powers (especially Tyki Mikk, who has selective intangibility, vacuum creation, and more tentacles than most hentai monsters).

Standing in the Battledome

D.Gray-Man is considered to be above Hunter x Hunter but below Katekyo Hitman Reborn, DGM was once considered to be an equal adversary to One Piece, but after the Marineford War Arc and the time skip it became clear that D.Gray-Man top tiers can't even be compared to One Piece top tiers.

Notables hax include Tyki's selective intangibility, Kanda's regen, Rhode's dimensional bfr, ect. As far as destructive capabilities, even low/mid tiers are small town level, beginning of series Allen and Kanda were this strong, many of the high/top tiers are small town level+ to casually small city level+, The Earl is city level+. Speed wise they range from supersonic to hypersonic+

D.Gray-Man wasn't really popular until the user ~Avant~ came around. From then on it started to blossom.


OBD Profiles


Character Profiles




Allen Walker Arystar Krory Bookman Cross Marian Froi Tiedoll Klaud Nine
Lavi Lenalee Miranda Lotto Noise Marie Timothy Hearst Winters Sokaro
Yu Kanda          




Level 4 Akuma


Noah Family


Jasdevi_Cut.jpg Lubell_105.png Earl_Cut.jpg Rhode_Cut.jpg Skin_Cut.jpg Tyki_Mikk_Cut.jpg
Jasdevi Lulu Bell Millennium Earl Rhode Kamelot Skin Bolic Tyki Mikk


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