Admit it, she was your first anime crush, too
Admit it, she was your first anime crush, too

Name: Ryoko Hakubi
Origin: Tenchi Muyo!
Gender: Female
Classification: Biological construct, space pirate
Age: At least 5000 years old
Powers and Abilities: Super speed, strength, durability, flight, intangibility, energy manipulation/projection, regeneration (low-mid but potentially higher), immortality (type 1), matter manipulation, telepathy, teleportation, teleportation, shapeshifting, illusion creation, astral projection, can survive in space, cosmic senses, can summon interdimensional demons (which are immune to physical attacks), can create false gems to replace the originals, though they are not as powerful, can create forcefields, can fire hair needles from her head, can absorb/merge with other beings, immune to all known diseases and poisons, her life force is linked to that of Ryo-Ohki and Washu. At full potential she will be capable of summoning at least 10 Light Hawk Wings, but she has not yet reached this level
Weaknesses: Her powers haven't fully developed yet
Destructive Capacity: Somewhat ambiguous, likely at least city block level, planet level+ when her power is channeled through Ryo-Ohki
Range: At least several km, likely higher (hard to judge distances in space)
Speed: FTL reactions/senses, movement speed is massively hypersonic to relativistic
Durability: Planet level+ (intangibility and regeneration make her very difficult to kill)
Strength: 100+ tons
Stamina: Incredibly high, can continue fighting for a long time and take a lot of damage without being exhausted
Standard Equipment: Washu's 3 gems, which contain her Chousein power, Ryoko cannot fully access them yet, but she can use them to create blasts that can penetrate Light Hawk Wings, and increase her overall power. The gem on her left wrist allows her to summon demons, the gem on her right wrist allows her to control them, and the gem on her neck gives her more power. All of the true gems have infinite (inexhaustible) power
Intelligence: Great knowledge of intergalactic civilizations and technology, vast amount of combat experience
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Demon Summoning: Using her gems, Ryoko can summon spirit-like demons that can cause physical damage but are immune to conventional attacks. However she can only control them if she has both of the gems on her arms

- Energy Sword: Ryoko can form a blade of energy

- Energy Blasts: She can spam these blasts, their exact power is unknown since we have rarely seen her go all - out (she was just playing around when Tenchi first met her and she was holding back against Kagato due to the presence of Ayeka). However these blasts, due to being derived from Washu's Chousein power, can penetrate Light Hawk Wings, and were even able to get Z's attention, although they were little more than an annoyance to him. This power, including the LHW-penetrating properties, can also be channeled through Ryo-Ohki

- Matter Manipulation: Ryoko has demonstrated such diverse feats as merging with a stone pillar, creating giant, animate statues of herself, repairing complex electronic devices, fusing two living creatures into one, creating doppelgangers of herself, and various other feats

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Other: This profile only covers the OVA (Kajishima canon) version of Ryoko