Saiyans sporting their battle armor.
Saiyans sporting their battle armor.

Name: Saiya-jin, Saiyans
Origin: Dragon Ball
Classification: Humanoid alien warrior race
Age: Unknown, at least 1000+ years going by the myth of the Legendary Super Saiyan
Population: Hundreds of thousands at least before Freeza's genocide, a handful of members post genocide
K - Level: <1
Technology/Abilities: Pre genocide, as a hey possessed a high level of technology, FTL space travel, devices that can measure the power of an individual just by observing them, and healing pods that can mend broken bones and heavy wounds in a few minutes. They also possess Hypersonic+ - Massively Hypersonic speed, super strength in at least the hundreds of thousands of tons, enhanced durability, super agility, flight, and energy attacks. They can also transform into a giant ape monster (under a full moon only) called the Oozaru, which grants a 10 fold increase to their stats overall. They have a passive ability that greatly increases their strength after an intense battle in proportion to their injuries | Post genocide, their level of technology is largely the same, with the addition of time travel. The remaining members of the Saiyan race also have the same powerset as the primitive Saiyans (They are largely superior when it comes to physical stats and energy projection, with its strongest member being in the millions of tons in strength, sub-relativistic in speed, and being able to destroy small stars with Ki attacks) with the addition of Super Saiyan transformations, (grants a 50, 100, or 400 fold boost to the user's power) and the ability to senses one's Ki energy, as well as the ability to suppress said energy. A handful can also fuse with other members, amping their overall strength to an even greater extent to the Oozaru or Super Saiyan transformations alone. 5 Saiyans with good hearts can transfer their power to 1 Saiyan in order for them to become the mighty Super Saiyan God, which is the strongest SSJ form and enables the ability to absorb ki attacks.
Weaknesses: They cannot survive in space, most Saiyans lose control of themselves when they become an Oozaru and become bloodlusted, low class Saiyans become immobilized when their tail is yanked on (Saiyan elite usually have this weakness trained away), higher Super Saiyan transformations greatly reduce the user's stamina, as a whole the race is fairly unintelligent, most of their technology was controlled and regulated by Freeza and his organization. Super Saiyan God lasts for a limited amount of time and can only be used by 1 out of 6 Saiyans with good hearts.
Industrial Capacity: Saiyans usually deploy single Saiyan ships to foreign planets, and although they do have larger ships, they are used exclusively for space travel
Holdings: Several planets throughout the galaxy, including their home planet of Vegeta
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Key: Pre Genocide | Post Genocide