Ryuhou is better than you

Name: Ryuhou
Origin: s-CRY-ed
Gender: Male
Classification: Human Alter
Age: 17
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, flight, teleportation, the ability to breath in space, Alter regeneration (high, if his Alter is destroyed it can be recreated), dimensional slashes
Weaknesses: None notable
Destructive Capacity: At least town level+ (in one of Kazuma and Ryuhou's major fights they created a large explosion) | At least city level+, likely higher (it was Kazuma and Ryuhou's clashing alters that caused The Second Great Uprising, a magnitude 8.5 earthquake, prior to fully mastering their intermediate alter forms) | Continent level+ (capable of generating massive explosions with this level of power, also far superior to Kyoji Mujo who was capable of converting that much matter into raw energy to fuel his alter)
Range: At least several hundred kilometers
Speed: Massively hypersonic+ in Stage One (Zetsuei, able to keep up with Kazuma who could fight defensively against it's next form); Massively hypersonic+ reflexes/reaction time (Ryuhou) | Massively hypersonic+ (at least mach 220+, both reacted to a beam that came down from space in a matter of seconds and flew at space at extreme speed) | Massively hypersonic+ (at least mach 1284+, he flew into and out of space at extreme speed)
Durability: At least town level+ | At least city level+, likely higher | Continent level+ (survived at the epicenter of a couple of explosions that could be seen from space, also survived atmospheric reentry)
Lifting Strength: Superhuman+
Striking Strength: At least Class TJ+ | At least Class PJ+ | Class YJ
Stamina: Large, was able to go head to head with Kazuma in an intense battle that went to space itself
Standard Equipment: Nothing notable
Intelligence: Very intelligent, skilled combatant
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Stage One: Zetsuei assumes a humanoid form with permanently crossed-arms and two long, purple ribbons that can stretch to any length desired and cut like blades.

- Stage Two: Zetsuei's form changes to resemble a lamia, with greatly increased speed and power. This stage also has two rocket arms and two regular arms. The "rocket arms" are called "Vigorous Right Fist Fukuryuu" and "Vigorous Left Fist Garyuu".

  • Vigorous Right Fist Fukuryuu/Vigorous Left Fist Garyuu: Ryuhou launches two rocket arms towards his opponent at great speeds.

- Stage Three: In this form, Ryuhou and Zetsuei are extremely fast. The weapons for this stage are Ryuhou's fists, which are given incredible cutting power, strong enough that a swing of one of Ryuhou's swords can easily cut multiple air jets and even battleships at longer distances, and Ryuho's "shoulder spikes", which can be removed to form a purple, diamond-shaped sword powerful enough to cut the fabric of space and contend with Kazuma's Proud Fist attack.

Notable OBD Victories:

- Bleachverse (Bleach) (This was Stage Two Ryuhou) (outdated)
- Clear Note (Gash Bell) - Clear Note Profile (While the match had Clear Note fighting both Kazuma and Ryuhou at once, either character can defeat Clear Note alone)
- Negimaverse (Negima) (More than capable of taking anyone 1v1, under the condition, Ryuhou is dropped into the verse at a random location, he can likely take down the whole verse by himself, he was teammates with Kazuma in scenario 2)
- NGEverse (Neon Genesis Evangelion) (This was Stage Three Ryuhou, only possibly issues he'd run into are Lilith and 'God Mode' Evangelion 01)
- OPverse (One Piece) (This was Stage Two Ryuhou) (outdated)

Notable OBD Losses:


Key: Stage One | Stage Two | Stage Three