So admit it..... Don't I look cool in the game screens? Those long, muscular legs on my sturdy toned frame.... I'm the perfect specimen of a man.

Name: Wario
Origin: Mario Bros/Wario Series
Gender: Male
Classification: Human, treasure hunter
Age: Unknown, but older than Mario, Luigi, and Waluigi
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, ability to suck up anything like a vacuum, skilled in HtH combat, wears various hats that give him different abilities much like Mario, has a gas-like technique which kills enemies, magic, shapeshifting, reactive evolution, flight & levitation, mind control, immortality (type 2 and 3 in Wario land 2/3 and type 7 in his Zombie/Vampire form), regeneration (mid-high level as he can regenerate from being burned to ash), is a skilled motorcyclist and thief, has knowledge on how to drive, swim, and fly a plane, transmutation, lightning manipulation (as Sparky Wario), fire manipulation (as Dragon Wario) and several others.
Weaknesses: Varies from Game to game.
Destructive Capacity: Moon level
Range: Average human Melee; dozens of kilometers with shockwaves, hundreds of kilometers with mind control
Speed: Massievly hypersonic+ (comparable to Mario)
Durability: Moon level, immortality and regeneration make him very hard to kill.
Lifting Strength: Class G
Striking Strength: Class NJ+
Stamina: Vastly Superhuman
Standard Equipment: Various treasures from Wario Land 3 which grant him suplementary abilities, various power-ups, gems that grant him special abilities.
Intelligence: Very high intelligence (is able to build a dimensional teleporter in a few seconds, very business savvy and can outwit others to gain the upperhand)
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Piledriver: Wario pick up an enemy, spins it in the air and slams it headfirst into the ground, eventually creating a shockwave as a side effect

- Earthshake Punch: Wario punches the ground hard enough to release a shockwave which will stun enemies on the ground

- Power Throw: Wario grabs then throws an enemy with incredible power, the enemy is usually destroyed when it hits the nearest surface.

- Wild Swing-Ding: Wario grabs then swings an enemy around at a very fast speed, then throws it with extreme violence.

- Mind Control: Wario casts a spell that allows him to mind control every person present in a country range.

- Giant Foot: Wario throw a foot shaped artifact which upon hitting the ground cause a massive earthquake capable of heavily damaging if not outright destroy mountains

- False Wario: False Wario is a clone that is equal to Wario in every stat except durability, Wario can create many of these and use them as a private army.

- Reactive power-ups: When Wario is hit by certain attacks, he will develop new abilities which are listed here:

  • - Ball o' String Wario: When getting covered by strings, Wario turn into a ball of string which allow him to bounce off of walls, defeat all enemies and break yarn blocks but cannot however control his movements.
  • - Bouncy Wario: When hit by a hammer, Wario will be squashed, only to spring right back up again in this state, used to spring to new heights for a few seconds until he revert back to his normal form (note that a spike or a hard obstacle can also revert him back to his normal form as well).
  • - Drunk Wario: When Wario drink a mug of beer, he will become dizzy and will gain the ability to protect himself with his burping power and belching at baddies in order to defeat them, if damaged or doused in water, Wario will revert back to his normal form.
  • - Electric Wario: When hit by electric attacks, Wario will fall straight to the ground, bounce a bit, and hold stock-still to remove the shock from his body, enemies touching him during thr transformation will be immediately defeated.
  • - Fat Wario: When eating a cake, doughnut or apple, Wario will swell to immense portions of obesity, allowing him to destroy enemies and certain blocks by simply bouncing them off his stomach, he can also create small earthquakes by simply jumping but cannot move very fast however.
  • - Flaming Wario: When hit by fire attacks, Wario will comically start racing around with his pants on fire, running over ennemies, soon, the flames will spread across his entire body, making him essentially a living Fireball until he burn to ash and regenerate to his normal form, water can negate this transformation.
  • - Flat Wario: When crushed, Wario will become squashed flat shortening his jump and drastically affecting his speed. However, he can glide smoothly in the air to reach places previously unattainable, and slip through tiny cracks in walls.
  • - Frozen Wario: When Wario is hit by an ice attack, he immediately becomes frozen solid and is sent skimming backwards, until he hits a wall, although an usual inconvenience, this transformation allow him to slide along spikes and other nasty obstacles.
  • - Invisible Wario: When Wario is hit by a certain potion thrown by Mad Scienstein, he turns completely invisible and can only revert back to his normal for through going in warp pipes.
  • - Puffy Wario: When hit by percing attacks like arrows, Wario will swell up, filling his head with air, allowing him to slowly float upward. When Wario hits against a ceiling, gets hurt, or is unable to continue to float up for any reason, he will turn back to his normal form.
  • - Snowman Wario: When a snowdrift fall on Wario's head, he is then covered in snow gaining the ability to defeat baddies when he touches them. Also, if he steps on a slope, he will turn into an uncontrollable rolling snowball, able to break certain blocks and defeat any enemies he touches, his speed and jumping capacity are however diminished and when he hits a wall, he will become normal Wario again.
  • - Vampire Wario: When Wario is touched by a Minicula or other kind of vampires, Wario will gain the ability to defeat ennemies on touch and turn into a bat in order to fly. Garlic, Water and Light turn him back to his normal form
  • - Zombie Wario: When Wario is touched by a zombie or undeads, he will turn into a zombie which is impervious to all enemy damage, can defeat almost all enemies on touch, fall through thin floors, he however cannot move very fast or jump high. he also tend to fall apart but regenerate soon, walking into light or fall into a body of water will revert him back to his normal form.

- Gems: Wario can use different gems which grant him the following transformations and abilities:

  • - Thief Wario: Dash at higher speed than his base form and jump higher
  • - Cosmic Wario: Floaty jump and can shoot through ropes, can shoot laser
  • - Arty Wario: Can create up to 3 blocks to help him access platforms or other areas, make doors that will teleport him away, heart that will heal him. However, Wario can't move in this form, and all of his messed-up creations will turn into piles of shit which helps him defeat enemies and blocks.
  • - Genius Wario: Has special goggles on that allow him to see invisible doors, blocks, platforms, etc..., can punch peoples with a boxing glove on a Ultra hand.
  • - Sparky Wario: Is surrounded by an aura of electricity that can power up electric machines and defeat ennemies
  • - Dragon Wario(Gem form): Can shoot fireballs, swim in lava and is very heavy.
  • - Wicked Wario: Flight

- Power-ups: Throughout the games, Wario has used some power-ups which granted him special abilities and are listed here:

  • - Bull Wario: Enhanced strenght, create mini-earthquakes and stick to the ceiling with his horns.
  • - Dragon Wario (Power-up form): breathe fire through the helmet for a few seconds which can work in underwater but cannot ground pound.
  • - Eagle Wario: Can fly for a short distance, as well as moving faster when attacking and is lighter.
  • - Jet Wario: Flight and gliding at high speed
  • - King Dragon Wario: Can fly very far, can shoot a flame projectile, however need to combine both the Eagle form and Sea Dragon form to achieve this transformation.
  • - Metal Wario: Invincibility, destruction of enemies, walking underwater, no need for air, walking on lava and freezing water (though after a while he begins to sink).
  • - Sea Dragon Wario: Can shoot fire in a sort of cloud right in front of him.
  • - Fire Wario: Same abilities to Mario except with bigger fireballs.
  • - Rabbit Wario: Slowy glide.

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