In fiction, an inconsistency is when a character has an occurrence usually regarding power that differs from the norm. An inconsistency can work both ways, being either a low showing or a high showing. Generally, inconsistencies should not be accepted unless there is a good reason for it (such as a character who usually holds back on his or her full power).


  • Broly destroying a galaxy, which is massively inconsistent with the level of power he demonstrated in the rest of his showings. (High showing)
  • Spider-Man defeating Juggernaut by using quick-drying cement. (Low showing)
  • The Silver Surfer being unable to dodge, and feeling pain from, Storm's lightning bolt.
  • Pikachu being able to hit real lightning, which is far faster than any Pokemon of his tier
  • Goku being unable to lift 40 tons.
  • Starfire flying at FTL speed in an episode of the Teen Titans cartoon, when she has never displayed such speed before or ever again.
  • Muten Roshi able to destroy the Moon in the 21st World Tournament when much stronger characters struggled to destroy cities and islands.
  • Batman being able to fight evenly with characters far outside his class

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