A template for profiles on a civilization/race/species.

Picture: (a picture of one or more individuals of said race, or an iconic piece of their technology, or another picture representing the race in some way)
Name: (Name of the race)
Origin: (Fiction the race comes from)
Classification: (Nature of the race. e.g. human civilization, alien civilization, cyborg, robot, magic, etc.)
Age: (Age of the civilization)
Population: (Approximate number of individuals in said civilization)
K - Level: (Approximate ranking of civilization on the Kardashev Scale)
Technology/Abilities: (Notable abilities of said civilization, technological or otherwise)
Weaknesses: (Weaknesses of the civilization as a whole)
Industrial Capacity: (Ability of production of material and technology, usually for war)
Holdings: (Territory/resources controlled by the civilization. For example a country on one planet, a whole planet, multiple planets, etc.)
Notable Individuals: (Links to character profiles of members of the civilization)
Notable OBD Victories: (Notable victories in the OBD for the civilization as a whole)
Notable OBD Losses: (Notable losses in the OBD for the civilization as a whole)
Other: (Anything else worth noting)