Artistic rendition of a Gamma Ray Burst.
Artistic rendition of a Gamma Ray Burst.


Foe is a scientific unit used to quantify the most energetic events in the Universe. 1 Foe equals 1044 joules or 1051 ergs (that's why it's called Foe or "[tenth power of] Fifty-one ergs"). This is also rather convenient because the normal Type Ia supernovae usually releases energy equating between 1 and 2 Foe under just a few seconds.

It's also worth noting that Foe has no plural form. Or to be precise it's always in plural as this is an abbreviation referring to "fifty-one ergs".

In the Battledome foe is often used to express the most energetic attacks in fiction. Its conversion from joules is trivial and it's also compatible with the common scientific prefixes. So when you see terms like "5.5 kilo-Foe" then read it as 5500 Foe or 5.5 x 1047 joules of energy.

Common Examples:

- GBE of the smallest star: 0.16 mili-foe
- Theoretical total mass-energy of the entire Earth: 5.4 mili-foe
- GBE of the Sun: 6.9 mili-foe
- Average power of a gamma ray burst: 0.5-1 foe
- Energy content of a normal Type Ia supernova: 1-2 foe
- Energy content of an average hypernova: 100 foe
- Theoretical total mass-energy of the Sun: 1.8 kilo-foe
- Estimated total mass-energy of the observable universe: 40 yotta-foe (4 x 1069 J)

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