The Broken King


Name: Kyoichiro Mibu, more commonly referred to as "Former Crimson King", or simply "FCK"
Origin: Samurai Deeper Kyo
Gender: Male
Classification: Mibu Battle Doll, Red Cross Knight, Former Crimson King, Swordsman
Age: Several thousand years old
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, agility, stamina, regeneration (at least high-mid), immortality (types 1 and 3), expert swordsman, invisibility, gravity manipulation, elemental manipulation (wind, fire, and water), can generate wind blades with slashes, barriers, can inflict injuries which can't be regenerated (likely high-mid), flight, acid manipulation, cloud manipulation, petrification, matter creation, soul eating, illusion creation, telekinesis, can create temporal clones and enhance his speed by altering time, mind reading, necromancy (even of objects), mind control, can induce paralysis, shadow manipulation (including dimensional BFR, immobilizing an enemy by pinning down their shadow, shadow bunshins, teleportation via shadows, and transforming into a shadow logia), can power up by absorbing two of his Red Cross Knights, by "speaking" to his sword, and by using the True Red Eyes, immunity to petrification and mind control with his True Red Eyes, able to create an army of immortal Mibu blood soldiers, knows every single Mibu technique
Weaknesses: None notable
Destructive Capacity: Small city level+ (collapsed the Red Tower with his dying will) | City level (stronger than in base) | City level
Range: Extended melee range via his sword, at least several hundred meters with projectiles
Speed: Massively hypersonic+ (faster than Chinmei), can further supplement his speed with Sekireigan | Massively hypersonic+ (faster than in base) | Massively hypersonic+ (far above any other character, except Kyo)
Durability: Small city level+ (he got blasted with Kouryu from Kyo and only suffered a light scratch) | City level (higher than in base) | City level (withstood three Kouryu from himself when he blasted Kyo at point-blank range)
Lifting Strength: Superhuman
Striking Strength: Class PJ (matched an attack from Kyoshiro with his index finger) | Class PJ | Class PJ
Stamina: Extremely large
Standard Equipment: Glasses, katana, badass outfit
Intelligence: Genius (the Mibu had their hands in pretty much every scientific discovery, has mastered every Mibu technique, has several thousand years of experience as a warrior king)
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Red Cross Knight: The Red Cross Knights are the personal guards of the Crimson King and the most powerful battle dolls created by the True Mibu. As the FCK is the original Battle Doll he remembers the technique that creates and can use this knowledge to create clones from his own body. Each Red Cross Knight is marked by a special cross like birthmark that represents their connection to the Crimson King. Since there are extensions of his body they are under FCK's direct control. He also has complete control over the lives of all other Mibu battle dolls, enabling him to seal away their souls with a single gesture.

  • Mibu Blood Soldiers: With just even a few drops of his blood, the FCK can create at least hundreds of human-sized blood soldiers. They are basically blood logia that continuously regenerate and can only be put down for good by Muramasa's weapons, or by killing the FCK. They are strong enough to, in numbers, be a threat to even Shiseiten level characters.


  • True Red Eyes: FCK can use the True Red Eyes to increase his killing intent's power and fighting ability. These are not the True Red Eyes of the true Mibu but that of a Red Cross Knight.


  • True Form: By absorbing back the Red Cross Knights he has created, FCK can access his original form and power.


- Mumyo Jinpu Ryu Satsujin Ken (Lightless Divine Wind Style Killer Sword): Mumyo Jinpu Ryu is FCK's sword style and his preferable offense. It utilizes wind manipulation, and emphasize powerful cuts and slashes. Satsujin Ken encompasses the basic techniques.

  • Mizuchi: The most basic form. FCK summons an atmosphere of fierce winds around himself and launches them at his opponent(s) with a sword slash either as a wind blade, cutting a straight path, or as a wind blast which surrounds his opponent with cutting winds. He can also use this to form a barrier of winds around himself as a defensive maneuver. The attack's nature also negates the efforts of the victim to regenerate or heal themselves from any wounds sustained from the attack.


  • Shinkiro (aka Shin): The user creates visual illusions, even turning illusions back on foes who had originally cast them. Also, the illusions of Shin are capable of mildly damaging attacks to harass the enemy.

- Mumyo Jinpu Ryu Ougi: The advanced techniques in the Mumyou Jinpu Ryu. The techniques are based on Shishin, the four general attacking styles: Seiryu, the green dragon, Suzaku, the Phoenix, Genbu, the tortoise, and Byakko, the white tiger.

  • Suzaku: A very powerful attack with incredible speed. FCK shoots a flaming phoenix that slices, rams, and pulverizes the target with great force. He can even ride along within the Suzaku to initiate the attack up close and personal if he so chooses. If the foe is much weaker, then this attack can even deprive them of their regeneration. If the Suzaku is defeated by the enemy then it revives itself from destruction to attack once more. The exceptions to this resurrection occurring are if the FCK is too weakened to form the Suzaku correctly at its full power or if the strength difference between the Suzaku and the opponent's rejoinder attack are simply too great.


  • Byakko: FCK creates a white tiger which he launches at the foe. If the strike of the tiger's first claw misses, then the opponent is dragged in by the second claw and ripped apart by the beast's fangs. Like Suzaku, the attack can be used from a distance or the user can travel inline with Byakko to carry out the attack up close and personal.


  • Genbu: A black tortoise entwined with serpents made of wind. It functions simultaneously as an offensive and defensive move. The user surrounds themselves in a dome/sphere (the tortoise's shell) to block an incoming attack. Meanwhile, the serpents can then bind and destroy the enemy.


  • Seiryu: More than a dozen Mizuchi is projected toward an opponent and surrounds him, eventually merging to create an immobilizing and destructive whirlwind that pulls the opponent into the heavens where the waiting FCK (in the form of the legendary blue dragon) descends to deliver a powerful blow.


  • Four Gods Simultaneous Attack: As the name implies, the Four Gods are summoned simultaneously to attack the enemy. Although powerful in its own right, it's merely a precursor to something even greater.


    • Kouryu (The Golden Wind): When all of the Four Gods are summoned to attack the opponent simultaneously, this action brings forth the final and most powerful beast god. FCK is able to summon three Kouryu simultaneously.

- Mumyo Dai’onryu (Earth control): See Chinmei's profile for more details (FCK has mastered all techniques of the Mibu clan).

- Mumyou Saikyou Ryuu (School of Water): See Fubuki's profile for more details (FCK has mastered all techniques of the Mibu clan).

- Fire Manipulation: See Yuan's profile for more details (FCK has mastered all techniques of the Mibu clan).

- Satori: The power to see through a person's heart and to 'hear' what they are thinking. Strong thoughts are like shouts, and easy to hear, while unfocused ones are like whispers, and more difficult to hear, and he can only hear what a person is thinking on the surface: deeper, concealed thoughts are hidden from him. He can use this to 'hear' what an opponent is thinking in battle, enabling him to time his own moves with the opponents to a much greater extent.

  • Body-bind: FCK enters the mind of his target and places a "body-bind" on them, immobilizing and making them unable to move. The drawback is that it can be overpowered if the target has a sufficiently strong will.

- Genshiso: The power of illusion. FCK infiltrates his opponent's mind and shows them illusions. By making a target believe that he has killed them he is able to destroy their minds and subsequently devour their souls. The drawback is that you need to look at the back of his hand for a period of time and if you have a strong will to live it can be broken.

- Sekireigan (Eye of the Wagtail): An advanced Mibu technique that alters time relative to the user. By controlling the flow of time around himself, the user can create temporal clones, basically allowing him to be in more than one place at the same time for an instant, and also enhance his speed. This can be used to attack an opponent from multiple angles simultaneously or to enhance a singular attack by combining several strikes into one.

  • Double Sekireigan: A superior application of Sekireigan. The user alters time to a greater extent, enabling him to create a larger number of temporal clones and gaining him a bigger boost to speed.

- Creation and Disintegration of Matter: The FCK can create objects out of thin air such as swords, dressers, clothes, umbrellas, etc from at least a dozen meters away. He is also capable of disintegrating objects he touches with his hands.

- Phenomenon Face: The FCK reads the opponent's mind. In doing so, he can discover who his opponent fears, dislikes, loves, respects, thinks is the strongest, etc. The FCK then transforms into the image of a person his opponent has in their mind, with all the combat stats and abilities according to what his opponent believes about that person. This technique responds to thoughts even deep in the subconscious of an opponent. So trying to fool the technique on a conscious level is futile. This technique works on groups too (Kubira used it against three people with no trouble). To defeat the technique, the opponent must overcome their beliefs about the person on a subconscious level.

- Energy Projectiles: The FCK can fire arrows of energy from his hand. These arrows are powerful enough to instantly kill Fubuki.

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