The OBD is an inhospitable place. Much like the Sahara or Mos Eisley. Or Hell. Or Detroit. N00bs tend to get lost in the halls of the OBD or tend to fuck up in their early days.

This guide will endeavor to help you survive in the OBD. This guide however can not teach you how to be an OBDer. Following this guide will help you not make any social faux-pas' so you don't end up butthurt.

We'll start with the obvious. This is the OBD.

Entering the OBD, you arrive in the main battledome. Browsing the rules would be handy, as the OBD mods are ruthless and quick to punish. One is called Hitlerade for a reason.

The main battledome is where you can make all-encompassing fights. Movies characters? In here. Manga vs Comic? In here. Blue sneaking up on bears? In fucking here.

The main battledome branches out into 5 separate battledomes:


The Metadome: Not a place you should visit as a n00b. This is where the big boys come to calculate speeds, fuck around with feats, and organize the OMFG OBD RAIDZ. The convo thread is here and you should check it out later after you've made some friends. The convo thread can be a very fun place though don't expect to get a lot of posts there (because they are automatically deleted a while after the next convo goes up). Many regulars spend time here. LURK MOAR before you post. The Respect Dome is a subforum of the metadome, where respect threads are archived.

The Comic Battledome: Supes, Hulk, and The Goddamn Batman. Like these guys? Well this is the place for you. The Comic Battledome has a no bullshit attitude and some of the high tier OBDers reside here. Starting a shitstorm here is bad news. Sadly doesn't have as much activity as the other sections.

The Anime/Manga Battledome: Ready to see Naruto beg for mercy? Welcome to the Manga Battledome. While the attitude is more open than the Comic Battledome (mostly because manga has more room for interpretation), it would be wise to observe the actions of the regulars here. There comes a time when you will have to choose which side you take. Don't regret it later.

The Mainstream Shonen Battledone: This is the garbage dump of the section, where the HST and all its dregs gather.

The Joke Battledome: The OBD's little BLENDAR. Comes with a set of cosmics. Put your stupidest battles here and watch them get ridiculed. Lulz was once prominent here, but now it's just a void of unfunny.

What you should do in order not to look like a douche-fag:

Use the Search function: For the love of god, don't make another Lucci vs. Grimmjow thread. It's been done. Make something original for the win.

Don't necro threads: Thread necromancy is bad.

Don't make stomps: Think about the power of the characters. Putting Naruto vs. Galactus or Ichigo vs. Lucifer Morningstar is NOT okay (unless it's in the JBD).

Don't reply with one-liners: Even if it's a stomp, say why you think so. Someone might disagree and so we have the start to a debate.

Leave your 4chan at the door: Image macros, copypasta, memes, and general 4chan faggotry are frowned upon.

Type Properly: no1 wantz 2 c u tipe lyke this. If you can't type properly, don't bother posting at all. You will be mocked and ridiculed.

Flaming, baiting, and trolling: Just don't. It gets everyone in trouble and will get you sectionbanned. Unless you do it with flair and subtlety. Then it's okay.

Don't demand scans for every stupid thing: If the feat is well known, research your own damn feats if you want to refute.

Provide scans/vids: Because it's goddamn annoying when you claim Pikachu can create country busting attacks and don't support your claim.

Refute, don't deny: Don't just dismiss feats. Give proof as to why the feat is wrong. No refute = concession.

Understand the canon: Don't make claims like Gai can move faster than sound based off anime fillers.

Know your place: If you're a n00b with 5 posts, and he's a regular with 10,000 posts, it's better to not flame without reason. Of course, if you do have reason to call him an idiot, FLAME ON!!!! After all, there's nothing more we enjoy than a nice fire over which we can roast some trolls.

Read the Rules of the Thread: See the rules the OP has made before posting. This is the number one thing you should do. e.g If the TC made a Goku vs. Yusuke thread see which version of Goku and Yusuke are being used. If the OP meant 23rd Budokai Goku vs End of Series Yusuke don't post something like "SSJ3 Goku Solos with ease" without reading.

Concede when you know you have been beaten: No one likes a moron that refuses to give up an argument when it is apparent that they lost. Show some class and humility, admit when you are wrong.

Jokes not to use (these make you look like a witless and boring twat):

- Chuck Norris Jokes
- Soviet Russia Jokes
- Self-referential jokes when you aren't significant enough for self-referencing
- Over 9000/lolcats/other overused and unfunny memes

Jokes to use (although not without knowing their significance)

- Blue w/ katana
- Raigen's Bastard!! and Star Wars knowledge
- Mach 10 Kira Yamato
- jplaya Itachi (Has been used so often by noobs semi-aware of this that it is now unfunny in its own right, avoid using it.)
- Toasters

Of course, coming up with original, funny content is the best (some of these are really old and completely worn-out that no one really uses these anymore, except seldom moments).

Fictions that are often targets of contempt in the OBD

- Code Breaker
- Code Geass
- Demonbane
- Dragon Ball GT
- Elfen Lied
- Exalted (more like Lesbianted, am I right?)
- Fairy Tail
- Freezing
- Gantz
- GetBackers (almost entirely due to The Getbackers Deception, once that was cleared it fell into mostly obscurity)
- Gundam Seed/Destiny
- High School STD
- Inheritance
- Inuyasha
- Infinite Stratos
- Kamen Rider 555, Kiva, and Decade
- Kingdom Hearts
- Mahou Sensei Negima
- Medaka Box
- MGQ (lest you be drawn and quartered for liking the disgusting fetshes contained inside)
- My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
- Nasuverse
- Rosario to Vampire
- Shakugan no Shana
- Sonic the Hedgehog series, particularly Shadow (Excluding TGT)
- Sora no Otoshimono
- Sword Art Online
- The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
- The Last Airbender (only the live-action movie)
- ToAru
- To-Love-Ru (especially Darkness)
- Touhou
- Twatlight

(The OBD sure hates a lot of stuff, doesn't it?) However, if you are a fan of one or more of these, don't be afraid to speak up! Either you will be able to defend it well, or you will become a laughingstock. Either way, it's entertainment.

There can be many different reasons why a series is generally disliked by the OBD. Some of them are downright terrible (ex: Freezing, MGQ). Others are actually decent series but just have an annoying fan base, the portion of which is vocal (ex: Nasuverse, Touhou).