Shrike OBD
The Shrike.


Name: The Shrike/Fehdman Kassad
Origin: Hyperion Cantos
Gender: N/A
Classification: Robot/avatar of the Machine God
Age: N/A (does not exist in linear time)
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, covered in cutting instruments, time manipulation, creating temporal duplicates, teleportation of itself and others, can reverse others' aging, regeneration from alternate timelines, very precise attacks, unable to be damaged by conventional attacks except when within the same space-time phase as itself
Weaknesses: Fights using the "New Bushido" code, and does not make use of most of its broken abilities unless the opponent can seriously challenge it on that level, limited to mostly physical attacks
Destructive Capacity: Unknown, likely continental+ (stronger than attacks and weaponry which can overcome the durability of spaceships which can tank blasts up to exatons in firepower) to planet level (knocked out Nemes for 20 minutes through phase shift), allegedly up to large star level+ (its blades can tear apart hauls immune to supernovae)
Range: Melee range, longer than human melee range due to its size and 4 arms
Speed: Immeasurable (capable of bypassing linear time to the point it's like traversing space, can freely move to past, present, future and parallel timelines)
Durability: Unknown, but being made out of molded spacetime makes it is immune to conventional weapons
Striking Strength: Unknown, although its blades can emulate Class XTJ+ (can tear apart hauls immune to supernova blasts)
Stamina: Limitless
Standard Equipment: The Tree of Pain, which is the instrument of torture it places its victims on, exists in another dimension
Intelligence: Knowledge of events in nearly all timelines, Fedmahn Kassad's combat skills and intelligence (he is the greatest warrior in the history of humankind)
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Temporal duplicates: Summons copies of itself from other points in time, each is as capable as the original and capable of summoning copies as well. Potentially infinite copies can be summoned this way. Even if its body is destroyed it can still return using this technique

- Merlin's Disease: Upon contact with a target, the target will age backwards until they cease to exist. It takes as long as the target's current age for this to happen, so for example someone 20 years old would take 20 years to disappear. However, every day they lose their memory of the previous day while under the effect.

- Freecasting: The Shrike can open a freecast portal to anywhere in time or space, and travel through it or move something else through it. These portals can be large enough to move a large spaceship (at least several cubic kilometers).

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Other: The Shrike is considered to be so broken that it is incredibly hard to find a good match for it, since the only beings that can defeat it are, for the most part, powerful cosmics, and they usually defeat it easily