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Name: (the name of this mecha, nicknames and such also go here)
Serial Number: (Delete this line if isn't applicable. Otherwise mention what serial number the mech goes under, i.e.: RX-78-2 for the original Gundam)
Origin: (Which series or franchise does this mecha originate from? Don't forget the link to its OBD page.)
Classification: (What this mecha is, exactly? Also for Japanese machines don't forget to add whether the are Real or Super Robos)
Dimensions: (How large this mecha is? for two-legged and especially humanoid mechs you can modify this line to "Height: " and write down how tall this mecha is)
Mass: (How heavy this mecha is exactly?)
Pilot(s): (Who operates this machine? If there are too many of them only list the most important ones)
Needed Prerequisite for Use: (Is there an special requirement to pilot this machine? Aside from knowing how to control it, of course. Delete this line if unnecessary.)
In use by: (Which faction or organization possesses this machine? Delete this line if unknown or not applicable for this mech)
Powered By: (What is the mecha's source of power?)
Operational Timeframe: (The mech's "stamina" stat. How long can the mecha remain active? Preferably while mentioning the machine's longevity in combat)
Destructive Capacity: (How much attack and firepower this mecha have? Use the destructive capacity list for guide.)
Range: (How far the mecha's abilities and attacks can reach?)
Performance: (The mecha's "speed" stat. How fast it is?)
Terrain: (Air, Ground, Space, Water, etc... where can this mech operate?)
Durability: (How tough this mecha really is? Use the durability list for guide.)
Material: (What is this mecha really made of? Most preferably this refers to the mecha's armor. Delete this line if unneccessary)
Lifting Strength: (How much weight the mecha can lift? Use and link the strength class system found on this page.)
Striking Strength: (How powerful are the mecha's physical attacks? Use the striking strength page to know which class this mecha belongs to.)
Special Forms: (Can this mecha transform into other forms? What are these?)
Gattai: (link the machine(s) with which this mecha can combine to form a new robot, link the resulting new mecha too)
Notable Features: (The mecha equivalent of "Powers and Abilities", what kind of features does this robot have?)
Drawbacks: (Does this mecha have any special issues or weaknesses? You can mention them here.)

  • (List the mecha's weapons here. Each into a new line)

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

(Detail any special ability which is worth noting)

Notable OBD Wins:

Notable OBD Loses:

Other: (If you have something else to say or note, you can do it here.)