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Name: Markus Sebastian "Mark" Grayson, Invincible
Origin: Image Comics (Invincible title)
Gender: Male
Classification: Viltrumite (human hybrid), Superhero, Leader of the New Viltrumite Empire
Age: 16-17 at the start of the series, at least 70s-80s by the end of the series
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, endurance, flight/levitation, immortality (type 1), healing factor (mid-low), can survive in the vacuum of space, skilled hand-to-hand fighter, telepathy via the highly advanced transmitter in his ear
Weaknesses: The Scourge Virus (although it isn't as deadly to Invincible and his family due to being a pure-blooded relative to Argall who posses the purest of Viltrumite DNA), Viltrumites' ability to fly is achieved by the complex equilibrium through their inner ear so if it is attacked or damaged it can disrupt the ability and cause them real harm
Destructive Capacity: At least planet level+ (he contributed to the destruction of a planet, a feat equaling at least 127 zettatons of TNT yield for each)
Range: Several kilometers
Speed: Massively FTL (comparable to Nolan who can fly from Earth to at least the nearest habitable planet under a single breath)
Durability: At least planet level+ (has withstood numerous attacks from characters like Conquest and Nolan, fought Thragg on the surface of and inside the core of the sun for an extended period of time)
Lifting Strength: At least Class G+, likely higher
Striking Strength: Class XJ+
Stamina: Massively superhuman+ (Viltrumites can survive what would normally be life-ending injuries, they can also hold their breath for days to even weeks)
Standard Equipment: Superhero costume and his transmitter earpiece
Intelligence: Experienced combatant against many types of enemies, high school level of education
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