90% of Method Of Test matches go like this.
90% of Method Of Test matches go like this.

When a new character or fictional universe is found - 99.9999% of the time it will be put against Naruto, because it's generally disliked by the OBD and comparatively weak. Another reason is because most people know about Naruto, since the OBD is hosted on a Naruto forum.

Recently the method of test has gotten a bit harder, since several new, more powerful characters were introduced (Pain, Killer Bee) and existing characters have gotten power-ups (SM Naruto). However, other popular ongoing series like One Piece and Bleach have progressed just as much, so nothing's really changed. The Method of Test is also used for other series like Twilight (for better ass-kickings) and Dragon Ball to test out new powerful characters.

Examples like: EU Luke vs Sasuke, Chaos (Warhammer 40,000) vs Konoha, Kim Possible Vs Narutoverse (what the fuck?), Nightmare Luffy and Vaizard/Bankai Ichigo vs Akatsuki, Cherubimon Virus vs, Orochimaru. And such and such for it is good.

In short, the Naruto universe and its characters are almost always on the wrong end of the big stick when dealing with other fictional universes/characters.

And it is good.

Memorable threads. Space Marines vs Konoha/Akatsuki, Dio Brando (Part III) vs Akatsuki, and so on. This is basically what happens every time for those that have a less active imagination.

Recently it was decided the The Method of Test was getting slightly old, so an alteration was suggested. This new Method of Test is, instead of just pitting someone against the Narutoverse, they are now timed as to how fast they can solo. A brand new level of shame.

Lately, other fictions have been used as Methods of Test as well, since Narutoverse is so weak with so little variation in their abilities that soloing them has ceased to be a challenge. ToAru has been used as a high tier Method of Test, while Gundam SEED is generally the sci-fi Method of Test.

Even more recently, the Narutoverse has gotten some fancy new powerups invalidating several claims on this page (some more questionable than others), however it is still used frequently as a method of test (most notably pitting the opposition against the Juubi or Juubito). It's still fodder to Sol's Heel in the end, so who cares?