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Name: M1A1 Abrams Tank
Origin: Real Life
Type: Main Battle Tank
In use by: United States of America
Powered by: Honeywell AGT1500C multi-fuel turbine engine 1,500 shp (1,120 kW)
Destructive Capacity: Street level+ w/ machineguns, wall level with the heavy machinegun, small building level w/ its cannon
Durability: Small building level, can protect against penetrators up to building level intensity (in other words, cutting and piercing strikes)
Material: Chobham armor
Performance: 48-72 km/h (depending on terrain, possible to reach 97 km/h with the safeties removed)
Weaknesses: Lack of reactive armor to protect weak spots such as joins and lower front hull against high explosive missiles. Tracks are a weakpoint. Vulnerable to fire. In the unlikely event of being tipped over the Abrams is rendered immobile.
Terrain: Ground
Needed Prerequisite for Use: Having a license
Operational Timeframe: Can travel 426 kilometers without a need to refuel

  • M256 Smoothbore Cannon (main armament of the tank, can fire a variety of 120mm shells,6-8 RPM, 42 rounds)
  • M2HB Heavy Machinegun (.50 BMG, 900 rounds, 600 RPM)
  • M240 Machineguns (one pintle-mounted and one co-axial, 7.62mm NATO, 750-950 RPM, 8800 rounds total)

Weapons Range: Several hundred meters w/ machineguns, 4-6 kilometers w/ its cannon
Special Forms: It has none
Notable features: Ballistics and fire control computer (allowing it to shoot on the move), data-link, laser range-finder, infrared cameras, laser detector, smoke launchers, active missile protection system (IR and radar guidance jamming), possible addition of extra armor kits for urban warfare
Notable Attacks/Techniques: None

Other: This profile details the capabilities of the most recent line of Abrams tanks (M1A2). The stats of the M1Abrams tank roughly match that of the other modern MBTs. You can use it as a baseline in debates.