[Place image of Vehicle here]

Name: (Name of the vehicle)
Origin: (Fiction that the vehicle comes from)
Type: (Car, tank, plane, aircraft, submarine, spaceship, etc.)
In use by: (Faction or character that most commonly controls the vehicle)
Powered by: (Power source of the vehicle)
Destructive Capacity: (Amount of destruction it can cause in a short amount of time)
Durability: (How much damage it can take)
Material: (What it is made of)
Performance: (Speed)
Weaknesses: (Any drawbacks the vehicle might have)
Terrain: (What kind of environment the vehicle is designed to operate in)
Needed Prerequisite for Use: (Any special conditions that need to be met before the vehicle can be used)
Operational Timeframe: (How long the vehicle can remain in operation before needing to refuel/return to base)
Weaponry: (Any weapons or offensive systems the vehicle is equipped with)
Weapons Range: (How far the weapons can accurately strike a target from)
Special Forms: (If it can transform or assume different forms)
Notable features: (Any other properties the vehicle has, such as defensive systems, sensors, etc.)
Notable Attacks/Techniques: (Attacks or techniques that can be performed with the vehicle)

Other: (Anything else that's noteworthy)