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Background Information:

Falling Skies is a weekly television series that aired on TNT from 2011-2015. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic scenario in the aftermath of an alien invasion and takeover of Earth. The show centers around a group of survivors called the 2nd Massachusetts Regiment struggling to both get by and fight back against the alien invaders. The aliens for their part seem to be interested in enslaving human children. There is also a canon comic series bridging the two seasons.

Falling Skies comics by Dark Horse.

Standing in the Battledome:

 The Espheni (and other aliens) have some form of FTL space travel, a technological superiority that allowed them to destroy the governments and militaries of the world (as well as 90% of the population) in a few days, an army of superhuman soldiers called "Skitters" by survivors, Mechs that can quite easily shoot through walls and other obstacles, and a "Harness" that appears to be capable of forcing evolution in its host, granting them superhuman abilities. They are also quite adaptable, both recycling human technology as well as improving upon it. The Skitters have some form of mind reading technology as well.

In season three it was revealed that the Espheni's mysterious series of towers are generators capable of producing a grid that forms a shield around the planets they occupy as well as irradiate its surface, killing all native life forms that have not benefited from Espheni biotechnology. As one might expect, the series thus received a considerable boost in power. Additionally, another advanced alien race known as the Volm was also revealed.

In the fourth season, it was revealed that the Espheni can communicate telepathically, and that Lexi, a human-Espheni hybrid, is capable of manipulating gravity in a way similar to telekinesis and has a certain form of reactive evolution.

Unfortunately, in the fifth and final season, it was revealed that the Espheni Queen's death would mean the death of the entire species, giving them a considerable weakness. Plotkai.

The humans themselves are the same as the real world.

Character Profiles:

- Skitter

Equipment Profiles:

- Airship
- Mech

Civilization Profiles:

- Espheni
- Volm

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