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Name: Moon=Millenniummon
Origin: Digimon
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Classification: Evil God Digimon, Ultimate/Mega level, Spirit
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, space manipulation, time manipulation, dimensional manipulation, reality warping, can transcend space-time, teleportation, enhanced senses/cosmic awareness, mind manipulation (including telepathy), data manipulation, matter manipulation, transmutationsoul manipulation, shapeshifting, regeneration (Low - Godly, possibly Mid - Godly), non-corporeal, immortality (type 1 and 3), reactive evolution, absorption, only exists in the mental world of Millenniummon, omnipresence (to an extent, in the world of Mille's mind, everything that happens there is constrained in him), likely many others.
Weaknesses: Ryo. Ryo and Mille were effectively one and the same, sharing the same power, they were flipsides of the same coin, light and darkness, and neither could exist without the other.
Destructive Capacity: Universe level+, possibly higher 
Range: Multi-dimensional/Universal+, possibly higher
Speed: FTL via powerscaling, likely irrelevant
Durability: Universe level+, possibly higher
Strength: Class 100+
Stamina: Infinite
Intelligence: Has knowledge of various dimensions.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Dimension Destroyer: Destroys the dimensions it has created.

- Death Crystal: Destroys his enemy's soul.

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