The Bronze Saints


Background Information

A manga and anime by Masami Kurumada where a bunch of character names are taken from Greek myth for some reason.

Known for having massive feats such as including punching 100 times per second at the start of the series and breaking dimensions.

This is a guide about the various Saint Seiya series that have been released all these years:

Manga: (these are the canon series)

- Episode G (Completed)

- Episode G - Assassin (Ongoing)

- Saint Seiya (Completed) [also, Gigantomachia is a 2 volumes novel which takes place between the Poseidon Arc and Hades Arc]

- Saint Seiya - Next Dimension (Ongoing)


- Saint Seiya Anime (Completed)

- Saint Seiya OVA series (Completed)

- Saint Seiya Omega series (Completed) [it's pretty much a sequel to the Saint Seiya anime/OVA continuity]


- Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas (Completed) [generally, we all knew that TLC was ''non canon'', but after many discussions, we finally agreed that the series is pretty much an alternate timeline/dimension, which makes the original manga events canon to TLC while TLC, despite having several canon references to the original series, isn't ''officially'' part of the Saint Seiya canon, (it sounds kinda confusing, but this is how things are :asprosmaybe)]

- Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas Gaiden (Completed) [it's the prequel of TLC which has though also some stories that take place after TLC]

- Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold (Completed) [it's a spin off/side story anime series about the Gold Saints]

- Saint Seiya: Saintia Sho (Ongoing)

Standing in the Battledome

It's one of the strongest series out there. Much stronger than the likes of Dragon Ball and Bastard!!.

Although some wankers would argue that again, despite lacking completely in feats, that the Gods of Saint Seiya could take on Galactus. Another favorite target of the Phenom Brigade, though, like always, their arguments amount to nothing.

The Saints find diverse ways to exploit their Cosmo and apply it in a destructive form, down to the destruction of the atom itself. Coupled with the 7th and 8th senses, along with the Ougis.

Saint Seiya verse truly makes a living hell out of any combatant that is not well prepared.

Considering the speed of the verse, there is an upgrade that puts the Bronze Saints at massively FTL speeds. The verse then had another speed upgrade in Episode G: Assassin with this particular feat, making the Gold Saints, God Cloth Saints, Titans, and Olympians much faster than previously thought.

So you pretty much know that terms like speedblitz are out of question at this point.

There is also the debate of whether Lost Canvas should scale to the original manga or not.

With the recent revelations of the Saint Seiya series taking place in a multiverse, it has been concluded that Lost Canvas benefits from powerscaling from the original series as well as from Episode G and Assassin.


Supporters of the Series

  • Alchemist of Atlas
  • Archange
  • Black Leg Sanji
  • Blakk Jakk
  • Boomy
  • Charcan
  • Cipher97
  • Crimson Dragoon
  • Darth Nihilus
  • Fang
  • Garv
  • GiveRobertNodollars
  • God Movement
  • Gordo solos
  • Grahf
  • Iwandesu
  • Kurou
  • Matthew Schroeder
  • Neodragzero
  • NightmareCinema
  • Lambda
  • Overlord Murasama
  • Qinglong
  • Saint Saga
  • Sin
  • The Emperor
  • Tranquil Fury
  • Trexalfa


A few threads to check to look up some info


OBD Profiles


Character Profiles

Original, Next Dimension & Episode G

Bronze Saints (20th Century)


Andromeda Shun Cygnus Hyoga Dragon Shiryu   Pegasus Seiya Phoenix Ikki

Bronze Saints (18th Century)

Pegasus Tenma


Silver Saints


Hound Asterion Lizard Misty Lyra Orphee Perseus Algol


Gold Saints


Aquarius Camus Aries Mu Aries Shion Can. Deathmask Capricorn Shura Gemini Kanon
Gemini Saga Leo Aiolia Libra Dohko Pisces Aphrodite Sagittarius Aiolos Scorpio Milo
Taurus Aldebaran Virgo Shaka        


Primordial Deities


Chronos Gaia Pontus Uranus


Olympian Gods


Apollo Athena Hades Poseidon


Minor Gods


Hypnos Thanatos



The Titans


Cronus Current Oceanus D. Lightning Coe. Dimension Iapet. Ebony Hyperion Galaxy Kreios
Justice Themis Mnemosyne Phoebe Rhea Theia Thetys


The Gigas


Anthrakma Zug.




Acheron Charon Garuda Aiacos Griffin Minos Papillon Myu Sphinx Pharaoh




Chrysaor Krishna Hippocamp Baian Siren Sorrento




Hecate Typhon


Lost Canvas


Bronze Saints

Pegasus Tenma Unicorn Yato



Silver Saints


Altar Hakurei Crane Yuzuriha


Gold Saints


Aquarius Degel Cancer Manigoldo Capricorn El Cid Gemini Aspros Gemini Deuteros Leo Regulus
Pisces Albafika Sagitt. Sisyphus Scorpio Kardia Taurus Rasgado Virgo Asmita  




Behemoth Violate Mephisto. Yoma Nasu Veronica Oneiros W. Radamanthys


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