They are Jasdevi


Name: Jasdevi (David and Jasdero when separated), Bondomu
Origin: D.Gray-Man
Gender: Male
Classification: Human Noah
Age: 17
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, the Noah ability of materialization (or reality warping), with this ability Jasdevi can create barriers, use his toy pistols as David and Jasdero to fire special bullets (the Blue Bullet has the ability to freeze anything it hits, there Red Bullet creates large fireballs which serve to burn the enemy, the White Bullet creates a concussive blast, the Green Bullet traps anything it engulfs in a green slime and the Purple Bullet creates the "Deceiving Spectacles" to cover the enemies' eyes), can extend and make his hair sharp to pierce his opponents as Jasdevi, the ability to use energy blasts
Weaknesses: None notable
Destructive Capacity: Likely small town level+
Range: Average human melee range, at least several meters with projectiles
Speed: Supersonic+
Durability: Likely small town level+
Lifting Strength: Class M+
Striking Strength: Class TJ
Stamina: Large, was able to go head to head with Krory for a long period of time (raced Krory on several occasions and didn't seem to get exhausted)
Standard Equipment: Toy pistols when Jasdero and David
Intelligence: Skilled combatant, doesn't appear to be overly intelligent otherwise
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Materialization: With this they can create almost anything they want to as long as they think of it at the same time (they managed to create the Earl on one occasion).

In addition to this ability, Jasdero and David can summon a large mud-like creature which takes the appearance of several human corpses called "Grudge".

Jasdero and David

- Blue Bullet: Freezes anything it hits.

- Red Bullet: Combines to form a large fireball, which they name "Blazing Red Planet". Can be used at least twice in rapid succession.

- White Bullet: Creates a concussive blast capable of extinguishing a massive fireball instantly.

- Green Bullet: Traps anything in a green slimy prison.

- Purple Bullet: Covers the eyes of their enemies in a purple goo that is impossible to remove, called the "Deceiving Spectacles" after which, the twins can make their enemies see anything that they want. They have used this ability to make themselves invisible, conceal their attacks and make duplicates of the key Tyki Mikk gave to Allen.


- Hair Spikes: Jasdevi makes his hair strands razor sharp, extends them and attacks his opponent.

- Hardened Body: Jasdevi has the ability harden his body to augment his defense.

- Barrier: A barrier is created in front of Jasdevi that can block attacks.

- Air Ripple: Jasdevi puts his hand/fist out in front of him and sends off an array of air ripple waves that can blow back opponents.

- Pentacle Screens: He is able to create and manipulate pentacle-shaped screens that he can use as shields or to trap and crush his enemies.

- Materialization: With this he can create almost anything he wants to.

- Iron Maiden: During his fight with Krory when he believed he had won he created an iron maiden in place of a coffin using his Materialization ability.

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Notable OBD Losses:

Other: As evident from the above, Jasdero and David possess the ability to merge into a single entity, named Jasdevi, though they have been known to refer to themselves collectively as Jasdevi rather than using their own names.

Jasdero and David represent the Bonds of Noah, and the true name of their Memories is Bondomu.