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Background Information

Guilty Gear is a series of 2D fighters created by Arc System Works and Daisuke Ishiwatari, who is also responsible for its excellent soundtrack.

There are a number of spin-off games that almost no-one gives a fuck about, save for the 3D RTS for Xbox 360 (which is considered either terrible or decent, but far from amazing), two novels (good, untranslated shit), several drama CDs (also good shit), and a shitty little manga that wasn't even worth fully scanlating (take a fucking guess).

The main character, Sol motherfucking Badguy, is about as badass as it gets in a fighter, and the plot (the coherent part, at least; good luck knowing what the fuck is going on without looking things up) focuses on how many bitches he punches in the face. Quite a lot, in fact.

Set a hundred or so years in the future (late 2100s, to be exact), humanity got stoned and came up with some bullshit about a dimension with limitless power to solve all their energy problems and enable them to set people on fire and shit. Naturally, they decided to fuck ethics and start fusing this power, magic, with DNA, creating a race of powerful creatures named Gears.

Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- is the latest addition into the series which is expanding the story. The sequel Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- is doing the same. Click here and here to check those out (PS4 versions). You might even run into regulars like Raidou and SufferingPen in an online game.

Then a lot of shit happened and here I am, not telling you about it. Play the goddamn games and don't fucking pick Ky.

Was named trend of the year in the 2011 OBD Awards. Should tell you something.


Standing in the Battledome

Guilty Gear is a very powerful universe, with a wide variety of powers and abilities.

As a whole they're easily above the likes of the HST, Yu Yu Hakusho, RAVE, Sengoku Basara, Dragon Ball (pre-Super) and Nasuverse.

Mid tiers range from multi-continent level+ to moon level+ while the high tiers are large star level+ and the top tiers are solar system level up to potentially universe level. Speed wise they're at least relativistic+ to MFTL+.

They also have an abundant amount of hax such as: time manipulation, various forms of BFR/sealing, mass teleportation/dimensional crossing, various forms of soul manipulation/soul manipulation resistance, regeneration, immortality, resurrection. The list goes on and on.

Basically, if you want to mess with this verse you better bring firepower, speed and hax. And lots of it.

Generally, the series tends to take rather large jumps in power with each new game, with Sol himself being the most notable example.

Giving this series prep can be a very bad idea. Hell, just giving Sol prep is dangerous.

The series is also well known for the insane amount of musical references and homages to other fictions.

You don't deserve examples, so don't expect any.

Info/Terminology/ect can be found here.

Supporters of Quality

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OBD Profiles


Character Profiles


Sol and Allies


 Ramlethal Sin Kiske Sol Badguy


Sacred Order of Holy Knights (Past and Present)


Kliff Undersen Ky Kiske Leo Whitefang Testament


Jellyfish Pirates


Johnny May  


Eastern Chipp Kingdom


Answer  Chipp Zanuff 


Sanctus Populi


Ariels Bedman Elphelt Valentine


That Man and his Affiliates


Aria Valentine I-No Jack-O Valentine Justice Raven That Man


Assassin's Guild


Millia Rage Slayer Venom Zato-1




Dr.Paradigm Izuna


Japanese Colony


Anji Mito Baiken Kum Haehyun


Zepp Military


Gabriel Potemkin


Bounty Hunters (Past and Present)


Bridget Jam Kuradoberi




A.B.A Axl Low Dizzy Faust Robo-Ky Zappa






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