Sol always wins, so simple


Name: Sol Badguy, real name is Frederick, Flame of Corruption, The God of War
Origin: Guilty Gear
Gender: Male
Classification: Prototype Gear, Bounty hunter, Former scientist, The Heel Above All
Age: Nearly 200 years old
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, agility, immortality (types 1 and 3), flight when transformed, fire manipulation, extremely knowledgeable on magic, expert fighter, regeneration (at least low-mid, but heavily implied to be mid-high according to Raven), deals with hax like a boss (survived being erased from the timeline, did this without much trouble and being deep within the Backyard, which is a simultaneous mental and spiritual assault), can summon minions via the MasterGhost, which also allows him to resurrect an unknown number of times, can possibly use any ability of the Jinki (he's the one who created Outrage after all), can see through illusions, immunity or at least high resistance to conventional diseases and poisons (Gear cells were used in the novel to cure injuries, diseases, etc.; Sol's Gear body is naturally full of them, and he's dealt with toxic-type Gears), reality warping (much like Justice, Sol can cause "Information Flares" when he uses Dragon Install; the "Information Flares" threaten to fuse the normal universe with the Backyard), master of face kicking
Weaknesses: Lazy, holds back tremendously, Limiter on his forehead allows him to assume a human form, while sealing away the bulk of his power, if his MasterGhost sustains too much damage (either directly or via resurrecting) his soul is destroyed, worst babysitter ever | Can only stay in Dragon Install for a set amount of time; if he maintains the form for too long, he'll eventually lose his humanity to his Gear side
Destructive Capacity: At least large star level+, possibly much higher (his punches generate this much and the punch he did that got converted into a black hole by That Man was casual as well, also managed to one shot a Mega class Gear when he was much weaker; stronger than Bedman, I-no, and Jack-O) | Solar system level+ (capable of fighting That Man and is comparable to Slayer), possibly much higher (can cause "Information Flares" that threaten to fuse the main universe with the Backyard)
Range: At least planetary
Speed: Massively FTL+ (more than capable of keeping up with Justice and is faster than Jack-O) | Massively FTL+
Durability: At least large star level+, possibly much higher (survived an amped attack from a weapon he himself created to kill Gears; survived a beatdown from a bloodlusted Justice and proceeded to wreck her shit, internally tanked the backlash from destroying Absolute Defense: Felion and was only winded), regeneration and resurrection makes him incredibly hard to kill | Solar system level+ (can take attacks from That Man), possibly much higher (is stronger than Aria/Justice)
Lifting Strength: At least Class G+, likely far higher (stronger than Ky and Sin)
Striking Strength: At least Class XTJ+, possibly much higher (his black hole feat was done with a rather casual punch) | Class XPJ+, possibly Universe Class
Stamina: Vastly superhuman, possibly limitless due to being infused with magic, which is a source of infinite energy in his series
Standard Equipment: Junkyard Dog MK III, fusion of the Fireseal Sword (Fuuenken) and Sanga, two of the eight Jinki and magic amplifiers, his limiter, a portable record player to listen to his Queen records like a boss, his heel
Intelligence: Genius in various types of technology and magic, over a century of combat experience against a vast assortment of foes, also a decent strategist, quickly analyzed a cosmic artifact and broke it with his dick, was one of the greatest scientists in the world as Frederick, specializing in particle physics, created the Outrage, a superweapon with a vast assortment of powers, generally, giving this guy prep is a very bad idea
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Gunflame: Sol shoots a powerful blast of fire. Even the most casual blast can easily vaporize the strongest gears.

- Volcanic Viper: A flaming uppercut.

- Bandit Revolver: Sol does a flaming spin kick.

- Bandit Bringer: Sol jumps into the air and throws a flaming punch.

- Fafnir: A straight forward flame punch. Typical Sol to be honest.

- Sidewinder: Similar to Fafnir, a straight forward flame punch but done in the air.

- Grand Viper: Sol runs at full speed and charges at his target while completely engulf in flames.

- Wild Throw: Sol grabs a chump and slams them to the ground.

- Riot Stamp: Sol does a leaping flame kick.

- Kudakero: Sol jumps into the air and delivers a powerful, flaming divekick.

- Tyrant Rave: Sol delivers a strong flame enhanced gut punch followed by a much, stronger flame enhanced straight punch that sends his target flying.

- Dragon Install: Sol takes off his limiter and reveals his true form. In this form Sol becomes more powerful and gains flight.

- Instant Kill - Branding Breach: Sol charges up Fireseal and releases it's stored up energy right into his target's gut.

- Instant Kill - Napalm Death: Sol becomes engulfed in flames and leaps at his opponent, inflicting great damage. Was used (or about to be) in the drama CDs, making it canon.

- Fuck off, Ky: Sol tells Ky to fuck off.

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Other: It should be noted that many of Sol's feats were performed while he was much weaker than he is now, as well as in base form. Additionally, his victory over Justice was retconned to being achieved in base form. As of Xrd it is confirmed his limiter no longer works properly.


Volcanic Badass/10

Key: Base/Limiter On | Dragon Install/Limiter Off State