Abandoned spawn of Hi-Nu Gundam's loins
Abandoned spawn of Hi-Nu Gundam's loins

Name: Strike Freedom Gundam, Strike Freedom, Freedom
Serial Number: ZGMF-X20A
Pilot: Kira Yamato
Origin: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
Height: 18.88 meters
Weight: 80.09 metric tons
Powered By: Hyper-Deuterion Nuclear Reactor
Operational Timeframe: Nigh-unlimited
Destructive Capacity: Multi city block level+ with rail cannons, town level with beam sabers, DRAGOONs and beam rifles, higher with combined beam rifle (stronger than weapons that can vertically shoot through a Drake-class battleship) and beam cannon (can vaporize a sizable hole in a colony)
Range: Mecha melee range, several kilometers with beam weaponry and rail cannons
Performance: Hypersonic+ (one of the fastest units in the series, came from high orbit to Earth in a matter of moments), massively hypersonic+ reactions with Kira as its pilot (can react against and dodge beam weaponry)
Terrain: Air, space, ground, underwater
Durability: At least multi city block level+, small city level+ with beam shields (can block the Destiny's beam cannon)
Material: Variable Phase Shift Armor
Lifting Strength: Class K
Striking Strength: At least Class MJ+
Notable Features: Super strength, speed and durability, self-replenishing power reserve, various sensors, flight, Variable Phase Shift Armor (latest version of an armor system that uses electricity to reduce the damage from all forms of physical attacks), Hardpoints (for docking with METEOR), High-Mobility Aerial Tactics (HiMAT) System, Multi-Lock Weapons System (Full Burst Mode), Super DRAGOON System, Wings of Light, Neutron Jammer Canceller (allows its nuclear reactor to work in areas affected by Neutron Jammers)
Needed Prerequisite for Use: None
Standard Weaponry:

  • 8 x EQFU-3X Super DRAGOON Mobile Weapon Wing (Each mounts a MA-80V Beam Assault Cannon)
  • 2 x MA-M02G "Super Lacerta" Beam Saber (can be combined together to form a dual-beam saber/beam javellin)
  • MGX-2235 "Calidus" Multi-phase Beam Cannon
  • 2 x MMI-GAU27D 31mm CIWS
  • 2 x MMI-M15E "Xiphias 3" Rail Cannons
  • 2 x MX2200 Beam Shield Generator

Optional Weaponry:

  • 2 x MA-M21KF Combine-able High-energy Beam Rifle
  • METEOR unit

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Multi-Lock Weapons System (Full Burst Mode): System that allows the Strike Freedom to easily target multiple opponents at once. Dubbed as "Rainbow Spam". The Gundam releases its full arsenal into multiple directions at once, defeating an entire group of enemies.

- DRAGOON System: The Strike Freedom possess 8 remote-controlled weapons called as DRAGOONS. They're similar to the funnels in the UC timeline (or bits from pretty much every other AU Gundam), except it seems the DRAGOONs are unable to fire without temporally stopping to take their aim.

- Wings of Light: Specia and highly visible propulsion system which activates once the Strike Freedom released its DRAGOONs. Improves the Gundam's maneuverability and speed but, unlike the Destiny Gundam, it does not produce afterimages.

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